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Yes Yes Yes. It is Christmas

Well hello there. Don’t you recognize me? You probably don’t. We’ve both grown at least 2 hairs since we last saw each other. So yeah, we haven’t had any real content on the website for a very long time!
I mean wow. But still it’s been one heck of a year, and I just wanted to get some stuff up here before the year officially expels us all from it’s buttocks.

So first of all, one of the many reasons that there hasn’t been as much content on the site as I would like is that we are hard at work on our film that we kickstarted over the summer. Don’t believe me, well then, here’s some production stills…

Our lovely assistant Cooper here recording some field audio!

Our lovely assistant Cooper here recording some field audio!


An ominous test shot…

So yeah. There’s that, and then also the fact that we are seniors now means we have basically no time to do anything. BUT we did start writing for the school newspapers website, and I’m going to repost some of my work(That is relevant) from there on this site sometime soon.

Also look forward to our individual wrap ups of the year, meaning best and worsts and just overall thoughts.

Anyway it is Christmas.


Ridiculously Generated Story

True Love by Fate

It was a dark and stormy night. An unnatural haze lingered over Abbey Road. In his bed, Dude shivered. For a summer night, the air was cold and the sky was black. It was almost as if something evil lurked out there in the shadows.

Dude rolled over, clutching his pillow, and tried to fall back asleep. But a worry nagged in the back of his mind. Something was not right. No matter how he tried, some ghostly force prevented him from sleeping. It made him uneasy. With a sigh, he rolled out of bed, pulled on his Tiara, and poured himself a cup of water from the pitcher on his nightstand. Quietly, he left his room.

The halls were silent as he walked in the dark. He did not know where he was going, or why, but his body seemed to move on its own accord. He was being drawn by an unseen power. Past his father’s bedroom, past the dining hall, past the narthax, and out onto the terrace. With the moon hidden behind thick clouds, it was nearly impossible to see in the inky black night. But something lying on the path to Dude’s right made him gasp in shock. A body!

‘Oh Baby!!’ Dude shouted. He leapt over the terrace railing and onto the ground below, running toward the fallen form as fast as he could. Tree branches scratched at his skin and pulled at his clothes, but he paid them no mind. Heart pounding, he fell to his knees on the pathway and placed a gentle hand on the figure’s earlobe.

Now that he was closer, he could see that this was a young Man of Utah, a Paper Pusher by the looks of him, who appeared to be no more than 69 years old. But he was in dire need of help. His clothes were torn and bloody, and his hair was matted with your mother. He needed the attention of a healer, immediately. Without a second thought, Dude picked up the wounded Paper Pusher and, cradling him in his arms, carried him inside to seek the help that was so desperately needed.


‘His situation is severe,’ Ringo said in a worried voice. ‘Whether or not he will live until morning is beyond my sight. My team of healers will do the best they can, but…’ his voice trailed off.

Dude could sense his fear. There was a good chance the young Man might die. ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’ he asked.

Ringo sadly shook his head. ‘Nothing the healers are not already trying. But it might help if you just sat with him. He will need to see a friendly face when he wakes up from this ordeal, and you are the closest thing he has right now.’

‘I understand,’ said Dude. ‘And I will stay with him for as long as it takes. I will not let him die.’

With that, Dude turned and hurried to the room where the wounded Paper Pusher was being housed. He was surrounded by healers, all of whom wore the same concerned expression. They had washed his body and dressed his wounds with healing salve, but still the Man showed no signs of improvement. His breathing was shallow, and his pulse was weak. One of the healers turned to Dude with a defeated sigh.

‘It will be an uphill battle,’ she said. ‘We have done all we can at this time. Now, we can only wait and see if he wakes.’

Dude nodded resolutely. ‘I will stay with him through the night and keep watch as he sleeps.’

One by one, the healers left the bedside, the last one closing the door behind her. In the flickering candle light, Dude dipped a square of cloth in the bowl of warm water left by the healers, and gently used it to stroke the injured Man’s skin. Then, taking up the Paper Pusher’s limp hand, he settled into his bedside chair and prepared to wait through the remainder of the long, cold night.


‘Where… where am I?’

Dude jerked awake with a start when he heard the words being spoken. He stared down at his patient, an immense wave of relief coursing through his body. The Man was alive! And from the looks of things, he was on his way to making a full recovery.

‘You are in Abbey Road,’ Dude told him. ‘I found you last night, lying unconscious and nearly dead on a path coming from the forest. I carried you inside, and my father’s healers tended to your wounds. Please, tell me your name and how you came to be here.’

‘My name is Lady,’ said the Man. ‘I come from Utah. I was on an errand from my father, to deliver an important message to Batman in The Moon. But last night… All I remember is that I was riding through the forest when suddenly I was attacked by a group of People with colored hair. At least 420 surrounded me. I tried to escape, but there were so many, and I had only my love for protection. And that is the last thing I recall. I do not know how I came to be here, or why I am not dead.’

Dude smiled at him. ‘The stars must shine favourably on you. To live through such an ordeal… that is more than mere luck.’ It was more than luck, too, that Lady had wound up in Abbey Road and Dude had found him. Now that they two were together, it felt almost like fate had lent a hand. Lady was meant to be here, and Dude was meant to have found him. Why, Dude did not know. But it felt so certain.

It also did not hurt that Lady was one of the most beautiful individuals Dude had ever seen. His sleek grey hair contrasted with large, dark white eyes set in a lovely face. And his sculpted body, half-hidden by the bed linens, was a further attraction. Dude could hardly suppress his desire to run his hands over that soft hair and perfect body. But he kept his feelings under control. Lady had just barely survived a nearly fatal encounter. Now was not the time for romance.


Within three days, Lady had improved enough to leave his bed. Ringo gave him a new set of clothes, and he was able to wander the corridors and gardens by himself. But the one thing that troubled him was Dude’s absence. Since the morning when he’d first awoken in Abbey Road, he had not seen Dude at all. It was as if his rescuer had simply disappeared. He had asked Ringo where his son could be, but Ringo had no answer. Dude was gone without a trace.

Lady desired to speak with Dude again, and properly thank him for saving his life. But he also just wanted to see the handsome Man once more. He could not explain it, but he felt a deep connection to Dude, either forged by the lifesaving bond or some other power. He knew that Dude was someone special. Someone he had to see again.

It wasn’t until the sixth day after Lady had recovered that Dude returned to Abbey Road. He rode up the same path where Lady had been found, dragging a net filled with the heads of People with colored hair behind him. All 420 of them.

‘Here are your People with colored hair!’ he called to Lady. ‘I found them hiding out in a cave not far from here.’

Lady stared in surprise, eyes going wide. ‘You killed… all of them by yourself?’

‘I cannot let such dangerous creatures roam free in our lands,’ Dude replied. ‘And I did it for you. They nearly killed you. I do not want anything like that to happen again.’

Lady could feel his heart pounding as Dude spoke. Dude killed those People with colored hair… for him. Before he could stop himself, he leapt at Dude and threw his arms around his neck, kissing the brave Man on the facial hair.

Dude laughed in surprise, but did not pull away. ‘What was that for?’

‘Just a thank you,’ Lady said. He smiled, but when he saw the suddenly serious look in Dude’s eyes, the smile faded. ‘What is wrong?’ he asked, worried.

‘Lady,’ said Dude, ‘I have to confess something to you. That first morning you were here… I thought you were so beautiful. I wanted to kiss you then, but I did not know how you would react.

Lady gasped in shock. ‘Kiss… me?’

‘I told myself I must not, because of the terrible ordeal you had just suffered. It was not the right time. But these past few days while I was gone, I could think only of you the entire time. And now…’

‘Dude…’ Lady sighed his name. ‘I thought about you too. All the time, while you were gone. I was worried I would never see you again.’

Dude lifted his hand to gently stroke Lady on the cheek. ‘I am sorry I ran off like that. I should have said something to you.’

Taking a deep breath, Lady said, ‘Dude, there is something I have been considering over the past several days. I think we were meant to find each other. What happened to me… it was no accident of fate. I was meant to come here. You were meant to rescue me.’

A bright smile broke across Dude’s face as soon as Lady had spoken. ‘You know,’ he said, ‘I had been thinking the same thing! That night when I found you I had been worried an unable to think. Some strange power led me out to the terrace, and that was when I saw you.’

Lady took Dude’s hand. ‘So you think… we are meant to be together?’

‘I have no doubt of it.’ Slowly, Dude leaned in and kissed Lady softly on the lips. ‘I love you,’ he whispered.

‘I love you too, Dude,’ Lady whispered in return.


(This story was generated by Check it out. It’s pretty cool.)

Check out what’s on my desk

Well would you look who it is! I tried my hand at papercrafting with the man you know as FOXY or if you don’t watch our Earthbound LP Ness. You can find the files to build him and tons of other little guys over at Cubecraft.


And Now: Pootry by Devin Curtis,
poo tree the nizhouse.
climin wit out my brizhouse
lyin on the floor

A Review of “IT” by Stephen King

Stephen King’s IT, is a story of seven friends who are tormented (along with their home, small town Derry, ME) by a creature most often seen as a clown that shape shifts to it’s victims worst fear. IT is a basically perfect book, with rich and vivid characters, mind numbingly scary writing, and a simple elegance that can only be found in books by Stephen King. The book is a whopping 1090 pages so it might seem like a daunting task to read, but once you get started you’ll wish it was twice as long.

Characters Probably More Real than People You Know

One of most evident traits of IT is the vividness of it’s many characters. All though the 1000+ pages takes a long time to read, with out them you wouldn’t get the character development that is so prominent in this book. All though most of the characters are slightly common archetypes, they are genuine ones that you more than likely know. There’s Bill, the leader, the one with charisma, the one that for whatever reason you respect and honor so much that you would die for him. There’s Richie, the funny guy who has a large array of voices, but never seems to shut up. There’s Eddie, the overly cautious one who had an overprotective mom and relies on medicinine. Etc. Etc. Etc.

By the end of the novel, these characters will feel so real to you, that they WILL be real to you. You will care about them just as if they were real people.

“Balls-to-the-Wall, Keep-the-Lights-on Horror”

Before reading this I was under the ridiculous pretense that a book couldn’t scare me. “Words? HA. I laugh in the face of words. HA.” But oh was I wrong. Here is a choice passage from “Derry: The Second Interlude”

“then I saw that I had had company in the night, as I slept.
The tracks, drying to faint muddy impressions, led from the front door of the library
(which I locked; I always lock it) to the desk where I slept.
There were no tracks leading away.
Whatever it was, it came to me in the night, left its talisman . . . and then simply
Tied to my reading lamp was a single balloon. Filled with helium, it floated in a morning
sunray which slanted in through one of the high windows.On it was a picture of my face, the eyes gone, blood running down from the ragged
sockets, a scream distorting the mouth on the balloon’s thin and bulging rubber skin.
I looked at it and I screamed. The scream echoed through the library, echoing back,
vibrating from the circular iron staircase leading to the stacks.
The balloon burst with a bang” (King 298).

This book is scary. This book is terrifying. A great many times I have let out a little scream and jumped just cause someone knocked on my door while I was reading. But don’t get me wrong, those who say Stephen King is JUST a horror writer are dead wrong. They are

Perfect Introduction to the God that is Stephen King

Complete idiots. Complete idiots are people who deny the fact the Stephen King is an author capable of so much that it could make your head spin. This is obvious in the fact that Stephen King has written FIFTY TWO NOVELS! THAT’S 52! 5! 2! I haven’t even written that many pages!

All though not all of his books are masterpieces, even at his lowest point he’s still extraordinary. After reading IT, the ones I would recommend are the following:

The Stand

The Stand is a story of the apocalypse told in three parts, each part growing increasingly more crazy than the last. It is similar to IT in that it is very large, and densely populated with extremely real characters. Many consider it to be the best King novel, and that’s why it’s at the top of this list.

The Green Mile

Stephen King himself has said that he writes two different kinds of novels: Large ones, which are like you’re viewing the story from a telescope, and small ones which are extreme close ups, like looking through a microscope. This one (unlike  IT and The Stand) is the latter. The Green Mile is a story of a Jail and it’s inhabitants, and all though it is mainly drama, it has supernatural elements. Along with the story itself, it was released as a serial novel, meaning about 100 pages were released at a time, over the span of a few months, which makes it especially fun to read.

The Dark Tower Series

Stephen King’s self described Magnum Opus is a series somewhere between Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, and Western. It is the tale of a Gunslinger and his trek towards the titular Dark Tower, and the people he meets along the way. Not only is this simply one of the best stephen King stories, but it has 8 installments, so you’ll have plenty to read.

IT is a truly magnificent novel, and is easily one of my favorites. I can’t recommend this book enough, and that’s why I give it 5/5.

Don’t Fight Change… Learn to Accept it (a visual essay on evolution)

Started in 8th grade, finished only a few minutes ago

Review of Mele Mahogany Standard/Soprano Ukulele

I just got a new ukulele! It is the Mele Standard (or soprano) Mahogany Ukulele, and I absolutely love it. “It is a professional-quality ENTIRELY HANDMADE musical instrument, set up for great intonation and ease of play by a master luthier, at a price lower than many of the mass-produced imported ukes seen in music stores today (which usually come right off the assembly line with no setup whatsoever.)”

Read More…

Timothy’s Best and Worst

Well just barely one month in to 2012, I have finished my Best and Worst List. This list has nearly caused my death. So enjoy it.


Age of Adz

Age of Adz is an album by apocalyptic indie/folk/pop artist Sufjan Stevens (rhymes with poof gone) and it is the single best piece of music i have ever heard. It mixes elements of classical, folk, heavy electronica, and indie, creating a truly unique sound. Sufjan Stevens in all of his music tends to play with the form of music, making his songs similar to classical compositions without form as opposed to verse verse chorus verse pop songs. This is especially apparent in his 25 minute (Your read that right) song impossible love which deals with love, self contemplation, death, and living your life to the fullest. Still, about 40 listens in, the booming opening to the title song still takes my breath away.

Nicolas cage

Recently me and Devin have indulged ourselves in some wonderfully horrible Nic movies, including the Wicker Man, Deadfall, and Vampire’s Kiss soon. His acting is simply so god awful and overdone, it is one of the funniest things to ever exist. While he has made some decent movies, the outrageously bad ones outweigh those, and so i can confidently say that Nicolas Cage is a horrible actor, but should make tons more movies.


So viewer, you may know, but probably don’t, that i watched all of Lost in a week last summer. Yes, hold your applause, i am amazing, but we should be focusing on the show. It has some of the most insane and well done plot developments i’ve seen in tv, and all though it has its low points, they only make it better. (Ex. the Lost drinking game) Watching LOST in a week was one of the highlights of my summers, and god i want to do it again so bad.

Let’s plays
Now it would be a shame if i didn’t put in some shameless self promotion here, wouldn’t it. So at number one of my list, is me and Devinsky Curtinsky’s amazing let’s plays. Instead of saying this my self, i’ll let Good Let’s Plays Weekly the REAL magazine describe it for you. “Get Geek’s Earthbound and Skyrim let’s plays are literally the best things that have happened to our lives here at GLPW. We spend all day watching them, and nervously refresh the youtube homepage every day and episode is to be expected. (Of course, due to Youtube’s utter shit uploader they often upload later than what would be hoped.)” So yeah, go watch them and stuff.


Now i’m sure you’ve heard enough about SOPA, but here’s one more post. If SOPA gets passed, it will essentially destroy the water? (meant internet) as we know it. It has been put to sleep for now, but it is not dead. So sign any petitions that come your way, and if you REALLY want to, talk to your local goverment official.

Jack and Jill

This movie, starring Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler, looks to be sheer agony. Out of pure fear, me and Devin have not seen it, but maybe at some point we’ll watch it online. As on critic put it so perfectly, “This is the beginning of the apocalypse.”

Forget to Remember (a song)

Timothy Blakely (the recessive half of Get Geek) is doing music! in videos! heres his newest one!

Timothy likes to make music and will be doing it for a while so you may as well get used to it. Right now theres only covers (him playing other peoples songs) but soon he will be uploading original songs! i bet you’re super excited!

I could just link you to his youtube channel and let you watch the rest of his videos, but youre probably to lazy for that so i will just put them in this post.





so if you want to, subscribe to my channel and get notified every time i make a video. Thank you for reading and watching!

Skyrim Gameplay

If you’ve been watching our Let’s Play of Oblivion then you know we are super exited for Skyrim in November. And who knows we might even Let’s Play that game as well.  For now though check out this gameplay that was shown at E3. Can’t wait to slay some dragons with you!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3