Mark of the Shadow Contents

Background image copyright Bob Ward

Part 1: Marked
Part 2: Ms. Darby
Part 3: Some Fella Did This
Part 4: Dreams
Part 5: A New Home
Part 6: Touched by a Devil
Part 7: The Hitch N’ Post
Part 8: No Time for Breakfast
Part 9: Trouble on the Great Lake
Part 10: Seeing Ghosts
Part 11: About a Boy
Part 12: Parting Ways
Part 13: A Little History
Part 14: Mountain Meadows
Part 15: Cezary
Part 16:Sleepy Time Tea 
Part 17: Learnin 
Part 18: Working Herbs 
Part 19: Compasses Point Home 
Part 20: Tommy Zinderman 
Part 21: Ain’t a Metaphor 
Part 22: The Day 
Part 23: Tell Me 
Part 24: The Next Morning 
Part 25: The Lady 
Part 26: Looking at Myself 
Part 27: The End 


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