Supernatural Season 2:Watch it/ Skip it Guide

Supernatural really turns into something else later on. It’s still a show about brothers fighting monsters at it’s core but I think it goes above that. Season 2 is a substantially better season than 1 but their are dud episodes. With this guide I hope to inform you on what’s the skip-able junk and what you need to watch.

Life is short and so you shouldn’t be watching bad TV, unless its really bad and you have invited friends over to laugh at the incredible incompetence of the creators and/or unfortunate circumstances. But Supernatural isn’t one of those shows, its just boring at times. Without further ado lets get too it.

“In My Time of Dying”: Watch it. Picks up right after the last season ended and I’m guessing if you saw that you’ll want to know what happens. It’s a really cool episode.

“Everybody Loves a Clown”: Watch it. Killer Clowns are pretty creepy but you should watch this episode because it introduces a batch of new characters.

“Bloodlust”: Watch it. Amber Benson guest stars and you meet Gordon an on again off again bad guy. Not the best episode but Gordon gets some good stuff down the line.

“Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”: Skip it. It’s true, take advice from your friendly neighborhood zombie killers.

“Simon Said”: Watch it. Some good plot movement and it’s just an enjoyable episode.

“No Exit”: Skip it. Ghosts, Jo. Yep. The only thing of note is that Jo’s father died while hunting with John Winchester so there’s that.

“The Usual Suspects”: Watch it. Not super important but its not a bad episode and it’s a bit of a prelude to some episodes down the line.

“Crossroad Blues”: Watch it. This is the first intro to crossroad demons(yes like the song) and they become very important later on.


“Croatoan”: Skip it. My thoughts….eh.

“Hunted”: Watch it. More psychic kids. Oh and Alva!

“Playthings”: Skip it. Not bad, just not great either.

“Nightshifter”: Watch it. This episode is really fun. You get your heist movie and your who’s the monster thing plus this episode had kind of a sad moment.

“Houses of the Holy”: Watch it. Skip it. Whatever. It’s not a bad episode but it’s not key to anything.

“Born Under a Bad Sign”: Watch it. Pretty good, pretty unexpected too.

“Tall Tales”: Watch it. Pretty fun episode that sets up an even better one down the line.

“Roadkill”: Watch it. Ooooh this ones really really good. Plus it has 6 from BSG in it.

“Heart”: Watch it. Not a standard episode. That’s reason enough for you to want to watch it.

“Hollywood Babylon”: Skip it. People die. Um it has funny moments but not necessary viewing.

Gordon hunter 7.jpg

“Folsom Prison Blues”: Watch it. Prison! Who wouldn’t want to go there. This episode works really well.

“What Is and What Should Never Be”: Watch it. Maybe my favorite episode of the series and(shocker) it’s unlike pretty much every other episode.

“All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1 and 2)”: Watch it. Stuff goes down. Watch it, believe it. I sure didn’t know where they were going to go from here.

There you have it. You watched Season 2 and got to skip 6ish episodes. I think you can go ahead and watch every episode in season 3. While it’s not the most together season and I feel as thought the story arc is more or less a sideplot(it was the writers strike) the individual episodes are generally pretty great.


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12 responses to “Supernatural Season 2:Watch it/ Skip it Guide”

  1. SNFan253 says :

    season 3 yet ;P

  2. Chris W says :

    I just started The Usual Suspect and there was a pre-credit sequence to an episode i dont remember watching with a shapeshifter. did I miss something from season 1 and if so what did I miss.

    • dwashba says :

      I think that’s the episode “skin” from season 1. And you’re not missing much. You’ll understand everything you need to know from the recaps.

  3. DaveBo says :

    Now I want one for season 3!

  4. Doug says :

    Croatoan is actually kind of important. Shows something close to the end of the episode that is important (when the black guy and the white guy were in the truck leaving town), and also fuels the mystery about Sam

  5. Brittnee says :

    Croatoan is actually important because it is later mentioned in a different season.

  6. Bradley Gunson says :

    Hey, thanks for this and the season 1 post. It’s extremely useful. Are you going to continue with this for the other seasons, because that would be very helpful.

  7. objective-cyd (@objectivecyd) says :

    Excellent guide. Thanks to this and the Season 1 watch it or skip it, I’m still watching Supernatural

  8. Cece says :

    Pleassssse do season 3 as well!! i just recently started watching supernatural and want to catch up on the important details before the next season starts 🙂

  9. Sofia says :

    Does anyone wanna recap “Everyone loves a clown” for me? Clowns are like the one thing I can’t handle.

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