Supernatural Season 1:Watch it/ Skip it Guide

Supernatural turns into a pretty great show down the line, and season 1 does have some pretty good episodes, but most of them are just standard monster of the week, or plain bad episodes. This list is to help you get to the good parts of the show(I will have a guide for season 2 as well) without having to wade through some mediocre crap.

Life is short and so you shouldn’t be watching bad TV, unless its really bad and you have invited friends over to laugh at the incredible incompetence of the creators. But Supernatural isn’t one of those shows, its just boring at times. Without further ado lets get too it.

“Pilot”: Watch it. You can’t skip any pilot in my opinion, and this ones actually not bad. It’s very close to the series as a whole in terms of content and feel. Their mom on the ceiling with fire shooting out looks absolutely stupid though. Luckily they don’t rely on CG much the rest of the season.\

“Wendigo”: Skip it. This is a pretty standard show up, find people freaked out, kill monster episode. Not interesting.

“Dead in the Water”: Skip it. Unless you are a big Fred Burkle fan from Angel as she guest stars.

“Phantom Traveler”: Watch it. This one isn’t key to the main plot or anything, but I remember liking it, plus it has the first time they expel a spirit via book. But I guess you can skip it if you really want to.

“Bloody Mary”: Skip it. Not interesting or important. Not interesting or important. Not interesting or important. AHHHH(blood splatter).

“Skin”: Skip it. It does add to the shows mythology in the sense that shapeshifters are introduced but I think you already know what they are.

“Hook Man”: Skip it. Universally accepted as one of the worst episodes, its just boring as crap.

“Bugs”: Skip it. I actually couldn’t make it through this episode, its just stupid.

You’ll be seeing a lot of this car

“Home”: Watch it. Man finally a good one. Well its kind of a Poltergeist rip off, but it does have a nice little twist at the end.

“Asylum”: Skip it or Watch it. Like I said in the comments(thanks to jmills for letting me know I missed this one) I remember liking this episode. It has good atmosphere and a cool villain, but it is not at all essential viewing.

“Scarecrow”: Watch it. The boys fighting becomes a staple of the show for better or worse it starts here. This is a pretty important episode.

“Faith”: Watch it. This episode is pretty fun.  Dean’s dying(again a staple) and they have to save him. Of course that means something bad happens in the process.

“Route 666”: Skip it. Dumb stuff.

“Nightmare”: Watch it. This episode has some interesting stuff in it. And it introduces more children touched like Sam.

“The Benders”: You can skip it, or watch it. It’s a good episode, but its not key to the story.

“Shadow”: Watch it. Meg’s back after that tease in Scarecrow. Things start ramping up here.

“Hell House”:Skip it. Not key, but it could be kind of fun to watch. As far as I know the characters introduced here never become that important.

“Something Wicked this Way Comes”: Watch it. Some back story on the brothers and more allusions to their father. Man that guy just loves being in the shadows huh?

“Provenance”: Skip it. Boring standard. Dudes die.

“Dead Man’s Blood”: Watch it. Hey look who shows up! Lots of things are introduced here: The Colt, Vampires and more. Enjoy the pay off.

“Salvation”: Watch it. This is some good stuff. If you don’t like these last two episodes you probably won’t like the show after season 1 either.

“Devil’s Trap”: Watch it. Watch it good. They debut the rock anthem intro here, which is awesome the first time, but they kind of over use it later. Anyway this episode is so good. Bobby one of the most important characters in the show is introduced here, and lots of mythology. Plus as any modern TV show it has a cliffhanger.

There you have it. You watched Season 1 only having to watch a little over half of the episodes. Cutting corners feels good huh? Anyway the show’s quality increases in season 2 but there still are dud episodes. So I think I’ll be making a list for season 2 as well, I might just throw season 3 in there as well as I feel most of that season is useless.


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11 responses to “Supernatural Season 1:Watch it/ Skip it Guide”

  1. Todd says :

    I have a huge amount of catching up to do on this series and you saved me from having to sit through a bunch of lame MOTW episodes to get to the story arcs. Nice work!

  2. Maya Nagano Holm says :

    Thanks a lot for this, saved me a lot of time 🙂 Good job!

  3. jmills147 says :

    Thanks, but what about Asylum?

    • dwashba says :

      Wow don’t know how I missed that one! Thanks for catching that.
      Well I remember liking it when I saw it, but it certainly isn’t essential viewing.

  4. SNFan253 says :

    when will you post a season 2 watch it skip it guide

  5. rantingphan says :

    Reblogged this on rantingphan and commented:
    this. its so useful. thank you so much.

  6. EricN says :

    Provenance is good, at least we get to see alil bit of Sam’s personal life develope

  7. Ivan says :

    Thank you for this website. Just watched the first 3 episodes and almost fell asleep by the end of episode 1. I’ve heard good things about the later season but basically all bad about the first. Hopefully the “watch it” episodes are worth it

  8. Ken says :

    I agree with most of these but I like watching some that you skipped…definitely skip bugs though! I enjoyed dead in the water because it showed how Dean can connect with children. I also enjoyed bloody Mary but it also had a key part in the end when the viewers find out Sam predicted Jessica’s death but kept quiet. I also enjoyed skin because you figure out deans jealousy for Sam going to college. But overall good work! 🙂

  9. Meagha says :

    Thanks so much I have tried to get so many of my friends into Supernatural but the first season is so tough thank you for helping ouy- I wish I had this list when I tried to get through season 1 ( in the time it took me to watch season 1 I then watched seasons 3-5 in the same amount of time)

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