REVIEW: Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome(2010)

AngelHC7.jpgAngel: The Crown Prince Syndrome, is a six issue arc directly following Immortality For Dummies. The quo is even more status-ified, and things get more crazy. If you like the first volume, you will like this just as much.

Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome

Writer:  Bill Willingham, David Tischman, and Mariah Huenher
Art: Elena Casagrande
Inks: Walter Trono
Colorist: Ilaria Traversir
Editor: Maria Huehner
Cover Price: $24.99

Previously on Angel:  Angel is back, but Connor is still the head of Angel Investigations. Illyria is going in to heat for a better word and she wants Connor to bear her children. Laura Weathermill the new watcher and her weird floating ball, Mr. Polyphemous have joined the team too. Oh and Connor has a mysterious army of demon women, as if I could forget.

What is Up: The crown prince syndrome starts with the reveal that James(the blonde angel), is not an angel at all.  He is actually an enterprising demon looking to buy the mortal plane, and use it as a demon farm or some such. He looks to be a good villain. He summons a soul sucking demon and lets it know that Spike and Angel have tasty yummy uh, souls.

The next issue is reminiscent of the old silly Angel episodes. Illyria being in heat releases hormones strong enough to put every one in the hotel in well, heat. Hilarity ensues. It’s a really fun issue.

The rest of the book has to deal with Spike, trying to write a prophecy making him the hero, the soul sucker, and Connor’s army doing some very odd but predictable things. I mean really how could it not go bad? There is something going on with Connor that we have yet to learn in this volume. Illyria illudes to the fact that Connor will live for a long time, and then there’s the demon women. It has my interest.

The art here just like last volume is great. And that’s enough about that.

Again its 24.99 which is steep but it’s nicely done, with nice glossy paper and hardback. A small problem with the book is that unlike the first book there is no summary of previous events like the first book. I’ts too bad, but its also a reason to go and read the first book if you haven’t.

Bottom Line: The quality of this book measures up with the last. I am very interested in seeing where this goes. If you enjoyed the last entry in this series, then go for it.


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