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1 More Day Till Skyrim

Just here to update you on some Dramma Fo Yo Momma as all the cool cats say. So this past week I’ve been prepping to make the Get Geek Skyrim Let’s Play the greatest I possibly can. That means avoiding any information that people have about the game, just so its all fresh for me. I’m not sure when the first episode is going to go up, because upgrading my computer has been a bitch. Thats right a female dog.  But I can assure you that it will be no later then Sunday the 13th.

Anyway heres the story. Feel free to stop reading now cause I’m just going to spew my frustration into this post. S0 my birthday was on the 6th (fanfare…) and what better time then to upgrade my computer and get it all decked out for skyrim. So knowing my computer I know I need to upgrade my processor. I do a little surfing and decide that I would get the Intel i5 2400 because it was light years ahead of the one I have(a pentium D) and it was relatively affordable.

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Let’s Play Oblivion 8: All Let’s Play’s Considered

We travel with our Buddy and murder some Darth Mall cosplayers. We all know those guys are demons right?

Let’s Play Oblivion 7: To Oblivion and Beyond!

We travel beyond the mortal world into the hellish land of Oblivion! We spend our time walking along lava beaches, picking the local fauna and befriending the locals!

Let’s Play Oblivion 6: I’ll go to your Kvatch

The search for Martin Continues, and we commit murder. That happened.

Let’s Play Oblivion 5: The World Is Our Potato

We finally escape the sewers. Be afraid world, be VERY afraid.