1 More Day Till Skyrim

Just here to update you on some Dramma Fo Yo Momma as all the cool cats say. So this past week I’ve been prepping to make the Get Geek Skyrim Let’s Play the greatest I possibly can. That means avoiding any information that people have about the game, just so its all fresh for me. I’m not sure when the first episode is going to go up, because upgrading my computer has been a bitch. Thats right a female dog.  But I can assure you that it will be no later then Sunday the 13th.

Anyway heres the story. Feel free to stop reading now cause I’m just going to spew my frustration into this post. S0 my birthday was on the 6th (fanfare…) and what better time then to upgrade my computer and get it all decked out for skyrim. So knowing my computer I know I need to upgrade my processor. I do a little surfing and decide that I would get the Intel i5 2400 because it was light years ahead of the one I have(a pentium D) and it was relatively affordable.

So I bring it up to my dad and he says, “cool, have you checked to see if its compatible with your motherboard?”

And I say, “I’m sure it is. I mean why wouldn’t it be!” Man have I learned to regret those words. It would have been OK just this once but I swear I said that around four times.

Anyway I discover that my motherboard does indeed not support the processor and I look to see what processors it does support. In short they are all crap, or are ridiculously expensive and clearly the only people who bought them back when they were new were people who were testing huge ass processors. In short about 12 times the price of the i5 for roughly half the power. I knew I wasn’t going to do that so I decided on this motherboard made by intel. You may notice that it is a micro board. This was a point of discussion because my father was worried about the screw holes not matching up with my case(and it would have been REALLY bad if they didn’t) but in the end I found out that it doesn’t really matter. A board is a board.

So thats all well and dandy but then my dad says, “Well what kind of memory does it use?”

And at this point I just look at him and say, “Shit.” Because of course it uses a different standard of memory. I clung on to the hope that it would be backwards compatible but the world just sucks some time. So I sigh and look for some memory to stick in this thing. I decided on the Corsair 8 gig pack  because it was a better deal then 4 gigs. Of course the day we go to buy the thing the price changes(at this point I was using amazon) so I had to look around and then buy it from Newegg(whose price has already changed). Why can’t these things be a stable price?

Anyway they all ship very fast which is good cause otherwise I would be screwed. Thank the lords for them all shipping from the California area. So they get here and we take out the old motherboard, and really everything, then I vacuum it down, which it really needed so thats a plus of this all I suppose.

We get the old stuff out and get the new one in, and just as we do and are beginning to plug everything back in we realize that my main Hard Drive is using an outdated connection type(IDE) and that this motherboard only excepts SATA. Well thats just great, I think so not only can I not use that drive, I have to transplant(thats right I brought plants into this machine centric conversation) my Windows installation.

Once all the old stuff is put back in I do the windows back up, make a windows repair disc, then boot from my secondary drive with the backup, and guess what it doesn’t work. So I go back to my main drive and use a second program that literally makes the backup drive exactly the same. It deletes all the files on the drive and puts the first drives files over it. I had 500 gigs of stuff on that drive and although I backed up the important stuff that I considered important(just you wait I’ll have missed something) I will have to re-download a shit-ton of stuff.

Finally this gets done, and I try booting, it works! Then just to make sure I unplug the first drive and run with only the secondary drive. Guess what! Now it doesn’t work! AHAHA now I’m just in hysterics about to jab my own eyes out. And what makes it even better(sarc mark) is that the windows repair disc just says it’s unrepairable.

On a whim I take out my dad’s computer’s backup drive and hook it up. Then I turn it on and it works. So I can guess that because I created the copy with 2 drives that windows was confused when there was only 1 drive and putting a secondary one fixed that. Really windows people! Thats what brings windows 7 to its knees! Come on people.

Anyway so with renewed hope I take out everything for a second time and hook everything up. I’m practically weeping in joy but perhaps I was a bit too early in celebration because after I had hooked up everything I looked around to see if there was anything I missed. In the corner by power strip there was my keyboard cable. Pretty vital huh? Can’t believe I missed it. So I looked for the port to plug it in and I couldn’t find it. The connection was color coded purple so I looked for the purple port, but it was the wrong shape. I ran to the manual in disbelief. I had come this far and what stopped me from getting to play with my new toy?

A keyboard. The most freaking rudimentary computer part on earth!  I’m just going to have to pick up a new keyboard when I get Skyrim. And I forgot to mention it but I also couldn’t hook up my DVD drive so need one of those as well. As you can guess this turned from a birthday present to some kind of birthday/christmas abomination. Blech. Stupid computer manufacturer’s making you buy new things even when you don’t need them! That was a perfectly functional DVD drive… Ok rant over. Go on with your day. If we can take something away from this its that if you are upgrading: do a little more research . It will save you some sleep.


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