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Dungeons and Dotes 7: Rice Unchained

Rice fights his way out of captivity while Paelius hits the streets looking for a way to put his thumb’s to work.

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Dungeons and Dotes 6: Two of Everything Please

Rice and Palias catch a ride to the port of sea hold, and manage to quickly piss of the entire city.

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Dungeons and Dotes 5: Diplomacy

This episode the guys get kidnapped and then team up with a dragon.

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Dungeons and Dotes 4: A Good Day to Gnome Hard

Paelias and Rice find themselves locked in the a dungeon in the cliffs by the sea with Gnomewise. They make a daring escape but Gnomwise doesn’t make it. Also they don’t escape.

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Dungeons and Dotes 3: Level Up

This episode level Pailius to level 2.

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Banners On the Cheap – For Maps and More

A few months ago Banners On the Cheap approached us with an offer for a banner, or one of their other products. Some other RPG bloggers have written about using the product as well.

Well a few days ago the banners I ordered arrived.  They are printed on vinyl and seem pretty resistant to creasing.

The ordering process was pretty simple. You upload an image for your design, or choose from some pre-made options. Now I will say I had some problems with their uploader. Sometimes I was simply unable to press the upload button. However with a little perseverance I was able to get my design uploaded just like I wanted.

For comparisons sake I will provide the original images that I uploaded. Click for larger versions.

I ordered 2, 2×2 foot banners which are just under $10. Upon placing my order, the shipment arrived very quickly.

This one turned awesome!

Here is a shot to show you the quality of the printing up close. My hand is for comparison.

Again, that one turned out perfect. On this one I trimmed and finished. That added about 7 bucks to the order. If you are planning to hang the banner you get – I would recommend getting it finished, as it is all ready with sturdy metal rings for hanging. However it does cut off the VERY edge of the image, so if you need to keep 100% of the image, I would not recommend it.

The second banner is the map and logo for Dungeons and Dotes. It is a map made with Hexographer.

As you can see there is a bit of white space left around the edges on the unfinished banners.

Most of the text turned out fine, but the small text is blurry.

And some of the text is just very hard to read. It is still legible though.

I also learned through papers and pencils that you can use wet erase markers on them. So if you want to add something to your map you can do so post printing. You can also just print a grid and use it as a battle map. You could make very specific battle maps with Banners on the Cheap, however if you just want a regular old battle map with hexes and squares I would still recommend chessex’s battle maps.

I’m sure you can think of more creative uses(a kingdom’s flag?) for Banners on the Cheap.

The price is good, and the service is quality as long as small text is not involved. Thumbs up in da air.

Dungeons & Dotes 2: D&D Next

This episode the adventure begins. Join Tim and Ezekial as they travel to a different land in order to save their country.

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Dungeons & Dotes 1: D&D Next Character Creation

Dungeons & Dotes, the premier live play, roleplaying podcast featuring the Get Geek crew is finally here. Join Devin as he helps Tim create his first character, Paelias What-eva-ya-want, in Dungeons and Dragons Next. Next episode we begin playing.

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