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Let’s Play Earthbound 65: Almost There

We very nearly finish earthbound. BOING.


Let’s Play Earthbound 64: Kicking Butt

We kick evil FOXY’s ass, and hit the mother-load.

Let’s Play Earthbound 63: We Are Abed

We go into the land Magicant created by our own mind.

Let’s Play Earthbound 62: Twenty Thirteen

This episode we travel through a volcano and find the final piece to the song.

Let’s Play Earthbound 61: Note Taking 101

This episode Deaf Devin joins us as a special guest to promote his newly released holiday album( ), as we continue to trek through this mysterious new prehistoric land(see what I did there).

Let’s Play Earthbound 60: What Will Happen To Us?

We fight our way through a boss and take on some dinosaurs in an all new landscape.

Let’s Play Earthbound 59: I Want A Fobby for Christmas

This episode we go underground. Dat about it, though you can count on some other shit.

Let’s Play Earthbound 58: All you need is the library

We make it out of the dungeon alive for once and on to new(sort of) things.

Let’s Play Earthbound 57: Duet With Myself

Again….we go through the dungeon. But we have an ace up our sleeve this time!

Let’s Play Earthbound 56: Baby Sitting Satan

Remember what we did last time? Ya that.