We are dedicated to making you laugh, and giving you something to look forward to in your day. Everyone knows work/school sucks, but at the end of the day we can all sit down and watch are favorite TV show, or read a book. We want to help entertain you, and give you suggestions. We’re a multimedia site, that means we do audio, video and text all in one! Our features range from us playing video games with our witty commentary behind it, to reviews, to podcasts, to dark fantasy fiction . Without further ado, you geeks:



Devin, the mastermind behind most things on here on the website has almost no free time! He spends what little time he isn’t studying, recording podcasts, editing videos or writing articles for this site, on watching TV, playing video games, reading books and being a general nerd. Devin loves table-top roleplaying games, non-laugh track comedies, dark fantasy, science fiction, roleplaying, and puzzle video games, and really anything else you see on wegetgeek.com.

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Timothy is a wizard of a musician. He plays pretty much all the instruments, proof of which you can see on his youtube channel. Tim’s the nicest guy you’ll meet unless he’s feeling snarky in which case, watch out. He’s always checking out new stuff, and he’s more than happy to share his opinion on everything. Tim also holds the record for TV watching endurance and speed. It will assuredly be the death of him.

Follow Tim @Pedrofiliac on Twitter


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  1. Mel says :

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll be checking the site out.

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