Forget to Remember (a song)

Timothy Blakely (the recessive half of Get Geek) is doing music! in videos! heres his newest one!

Timothy likes to make music and will be doing it for a while so you may as well get used to it. Right now theres only covers (him playing other peoples songs) but soon he will be uploading original songs! i bet you’re super excited!

I could just link you to his youtube channel and let you watch the rest of his videos, but youre probably to lazy for that so i will just put them in this post.





so if you want to, subscribe to my channel and get notified every time i make a video. Thank you for reading and watching!


About timothyblakely

Timothy is a wizard of a musician. He plays pretty much all the instruments, proof of which you can see on his youtube channel. Tim’s the nicest guy you’ll meet unless he’s feeling snarky in which case, watch out. He’s always checking out new stuff, and his more than happy to share his opinion on everything. Tim also holds the record for TV watching endurance and speed. It will assuredly be the death of him. I'm a peeweeist

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