Let’s Play Oblivion!

That’s right we are so crazy that we decided to not release 1,not 2, but 3 episodes of lets play per week.In addition to the two episodes of earthbound each week there will be an episode of The ElderScrolls 4: Oblivion on Thursday.

We don’t get past character creation in this one, and sorry that the cut scene is really loud, but it all works out in the end. Have fun exploring the world of Cyrodil with us in the anticipation of Skyrim!



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About Devin

Devin, the mastermind behind most things on here on the website has almost no free time! He spends what little time he isn’t studying, recording podcasts, editing videos or writing articles for this site, on watching TV, playing video games, reading books and being a general nerd. Devin loves table-top roleplaying games, non-laugh track comedies, dark fantasy, science fiction, roleplaying, and puzzle video games, and really anything else you see on wegetgeek.com.

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