Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 5 (and the entire series)

Over the past while I have been watching and giving my thoughts on the show Angel, which is a spinoff of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just finished the 5th and final season, so I’ll be giving my thoughts on that, and the entire show in the text below.

It’s All Over

Right after I finished this season, I went back and watched the first episode of Buffy, just to see the characters at the beginning. It’s amazing to see how Cordelia was a whiny popular girl, Angel was a complete stranger, Fred was a helpless captive, Gunn was a gangster, and just how different all the characters have become. I think the characters in Buffy/Angel are some of the best examples of dynamic characters in any media.

He literally has one facial expression

The reason I have a section called It’s All Over is because for me, Buffy is actually over. Timeline wise, this is the last thing that is put out in the form of television. I probably won’t read the comic continuations of the story so it’s the last I’ll see of these characters.


I think that easily the best part of the season was Illyria. I thought that Fred’s death was done perfectly, and I wanted Fred and Westley to ship from the beginning so it really hit me emotionally. Then Illyia jumps in, and the thing with Holtz, and maaaaaannn that was a HEEELLLLAAA tight story arc.

Ah man look at those burning blue eyes

Another thing to bring up is Amy Acker’s god damn acting. I completely believed the changing between the two characters, and everything from her voice to her eye movement is just perfect. One more thing about Fred, why does her Texas accent just go away? Devin said this isn’t true but I AM RIGHT.

I said before that I wouldn’t read any Angel comic probably, but if there’s a series centered on her I will probably check it out.

Note: I also read that there was one centered on Spike being a puppet like in the episode “Smile Time” and JESUS I would read that so hard. 

The Finale

Overall I think that this was a GOOD season, but it was not GREAT (probably good.4). I remember I was on the penultimate episode, and I was thinking “How the BALLS are they going to close this all up in a single episode????” and boy DID THEY. It was just really COOL to start with, just with them all going after single members of the club, and them teaming up with Lindsey (and killing him) was very interesting. But beyond all the strong points it has, nothing sticks out to me as much as the Westley/Illyria scene. I loved how she became Fred just to comfort him, and on that note it was just nice to see her gradually start to care for him. Then there’s the part where she simultaneously turns back into Illyria and CRUSHES HIS ENTIRE HEAD WITH A SINGLE PUNCH. All though the head animation was somewhat laughable, it was the perfect way to show what she was feeling.

So overall I think that Angel is a terrific show that I would recommend to any Buffy fan, and I rate the five seasons as follows.


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