Outrageous Anecdotes 48: Honey Bunches of Dotes

This week we talk Arrested Development, some classic music and a whole lot of YEEZUS.

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Let’s Play Earthbound 65: Almost There

We very nearly finish earthbound. BOING.

Outrageous Anecdotes 47: Grouchy Oscars

This week we talk Pulp Fiction, Lincoln, Les Miserables, and Silver Linings Playbook

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Let’s Play Earthbound 64: Kicking Butt

We kick evil FOXY’s ass, and hit the mother-load.

Let’s Play Earthbound 63: We Are Abed

We go into the land Magicant created by our own mind.

Outrageous Anecdotes 44: Choose Your Own Bible Adventure

This episode we talk about how things would be different if the bible was written as a choose your own adventure, printer problems, bone eating and more.

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Build My Papercraft Monster!

Papercraft Monster

Here is a papercraft model I created that you can build! Just print out the pdf on some thick paper(photo paper works well), then cut and fold him until he’s done. There are instructions on the paper, but you should be able to figure it out for the most part just by looking at the finished product.

You will need scissors, or an xacto knife, and glue or tape to stick the arms together.


Check it out, and tell me on twitter(@wegetgeek) if you build it. Download the PDF here.

Let’s Play Earthbound 62: Twenty Thirteen

This episode we travel through a volcano and find the final piece to the song.