A Little Something For the Ladies – Get Geek Edition

Carrying on from the Good Girls Gone Geek tradition of posting lists of hot people here I am. Recently the girls asked for suggestions for their British Invasion edition. Foolishly I replied. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: like anyone from the batman movies right?

Them: with the possible exception of Michael Caine

Me: what? Why wouldn’t you include him. He is one of the most attractive men in the series! #notevenjoking

Them: Ummmmmm….no.

Me: Guess I’ll just have to make my own list then.

So here we are. Get Geek’s list of the hottest men around. There is a theme here, see if you can catch it! I will do my best to explain why these men are so attractive, but forgive me if I’m not super descriptive as I do not spend time studying the male figure for it’s intricacies.

I was in Titanic, bitches!

Martin Jarvis. Yep, he was in the Titanic, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But just look at that silver hair. That jaw line. The way he wears his shirt all the way buttoned up. Definition of smokin’.

I’m Jim Paddock!

Jim Paddock. You may know him from The Prestige or like one episode of Lost, and one episode of Dollhouse. But you do know him. Everyone does, I’m sure. Cause how could you forget that face.

Dude I have no idea…

Someone need a navel criminal investigation solved?

David McCallum. You know him from NCIS, and if you are super old then The Man from U.N.C.L.E. And yes he is old, but he was a spry looking guy in his early days. He looks sort of like Aaron Eckhart but more boyish…

Cheer up mate, you made it on the list!

Surprisingly Still Alive

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. He was around before color TV – and he’s still around! Now if that tells you one thing, it is that Zimbalist has vigor if nothing else. As far as handsomness goes he looks similar to Chris Reeve. Straight jaw, confidant stand, the whole package(though you don’t want to see his package now days).

I’m FBI. You don’t need to see it on my badge, it’s all in the face.

Not Alive

Alan Napier. Listen I’m not condoning Necrophilia, but if you were going to go for it. Why not Alan Napier? His eyebrow – mustache – glasses combination is just fantastic and I’d be willing to bet that they were reasonably preserved. So if you’re into nibbling facial hair this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

I think there is a place where you can buy stand ups that look like this. Put it next to your door…or your bed.

Michael Gough. You may know him from such hits as The Diamond Brothers, or The Little Vampire. Again acting on your feelings towards Gough would result in necrophilia which I still do not condone. However I think it would be cool just to have him around to stare at people.

Look at dem brows!

The Man we need, not the Man we Deserve

Michael Caine. Dude is smoking! He’s in like every Nolan movie and he is Ebeneezer Muther****ing Scrooge. Not only is he one bad ass actor, he is so gorgeous it really can not be overstated. What is it about him that is so good looking? I don’t think it’s really for me to say. You have to find it in yourself. Only then will you understand.

Michael Caine will fuck you up man.

Did you discover the connection? Were you disappointed? Yes it’s a stupid and tenuous connection, but who would not have an 8-way(is that a thing?) with these seven men if given the chance in some alternate universe where they were all still alive/ not dying before our eyes? Looking for a more serious list of hot men? Please check out the Good Girls Gone Geek who know how to do this thing right.


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