5 Free (but good) eBooks that You Should Get and Read and Love

I recently got a Kindle, and due to my being very poor, I have been trying to get as many free (but good) books as I possibly can. The ones I most recommend are listed below.

The Time Machine – H. G. Wells

This was the first book I got, and it is fantastic. Known by most for being the first book to put forward the idea of time travel as we know it today, it is regarded by as a Sci-fi classic. It tells the story of a man (just called the time traveller) who goes to the distant future where the world is entirely different. This book uses some very unique narrarating techniques, and at roughly 100 pages, it’s not a huge task to read it.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Jules Verne

Now I’m sure most of you recognize this from the awful Brendan Frazier movie adaptation, but don’t let any negative feelings about that stop you. It’s an interesting story about people going to the center of the earth, and having some wacky sci-fi adventures. Also it’s Jules Verne so you can’t really go wrong.

2 B R 0 2 B – Kurt Vonnegut

All though this is the shortest story on this list, I still have to recommend it. Kurt Vonnegut is probably on the top of my list of “authors I want to check out” and this is what brought him to that list. Similar to Harrison Bergeron, it’s a dystopian story that takes place in the future where old age, disease, and population control have been conquered.

The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka (Only iBook store)

This book is rather short, but I definitely think it is interesting enough to read. It is about a salesman who wakes up as a human sized cockroach and has to deal with it. On the Kindle store and Nook store it’s about 99 cents, but I would still recommend you get it.

The Invisible Man – H. G. Wells

The second book by H. G. Wells on this list is a story of a scientist who turns himself invisible, but cannot turn himself back. Something interesting about many of these novels is that they are simply a “what if” scenario, and then the characters dealing with the situation. H. G. Wells is a great author, and this is another great read.

So there you go. If you know of any good free books out there please comment below!


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