10 Points a Post-Avengers Whedon made at SDCC’12

Joss Whedon exploded from being a cult icon to being the writer/director of the third largest movie of all time. Chances are if you’re reading this blog you already were in love with Mr. Whedon, but now he’s know by a much wider audience. We now know that Joss will be working on Avengers 2, and the Avengers universe TV show for marvel, and that is all very exiting, but he didn’t talk about that at SDCC. What he did talk about are his comics, and smaller projects as well as some of his wisdom.

Buffy comics will continue to spread

As far as the main Buffy and Angel comics go Joss will continue to oversee them and do the high level writing. This means he’s not actually writing the scripts.

Joss also said that Willow and Spike mini-series will be coming soon. He would also like to make more Fray comics. Now that’s news I can get behind. I loved Fray and after season 8 we see that she is very tied in with the Buffy verse.

A new batch of Firefly comics

Firefly comics will be coming as well. Read more about that at the Firefly panel breakdown. This time they won’t be flashbacks meaning we get to know that happens post-Serenity!

Much Ado About Nothing

He was wearing a Much Ado shirt at the event.

It’s black and white, shot in Joss’ house, and the post production is all finished. He hopes to get it to a small film festival some time. I doubt any film festival would turn down Whedon. It’s pretty crazy to me that after the Avengers Whedon is still making super small projects. If this doesn’t lay to rest fears that success will go to his head, I don’t know what will. Don’t forget Alexis Denisof is Benedick and Amy Acker is Beatrice. Plus like everyone else is a previous Whedon actor but come on Benedick and Beatrice are the best characters.

Oh and he wrote the score.

Dr. Horrible 2

They haven’t shot anything yet, but it is on its way.

In related news Whedon still wants to do a stage musical. Man imagine if he had done that Spiderman stage play. It probably wouldn’t have sucked.

Whedon is moving forward

A fan asked if he would be dusting off any old ideas now that he had pull with big executives. He said that he will instead be moving forward because he has no shortage of ideas to work with.

Advice for aspiring artists

“Make things. Make things. Make things yourself.” He says do what ever you have to do, just get it out there. The more product you make the better you get at it.

On writing villains that are relatable Whedon told us that there is in fact no difference between writing your hero and your villain. Everyone thinks that they are righteous you just have to keep that in mind as you write.

“No one is pure evil except for a couple of guys, no one is pure good except for me.”


What do the man who created Firefly and the Dollhouse Epitaph episodes, and the man who created Transmetroplitan have in common? Well they both write comics but besides that they both write awesome post apocalypses/dystopias. So I can only think Wastelanders, the 5 part web series they are collaborating on is going to be freaking amazing. Seriously this might be my most anticipated Whedon project right now.

What is he most proud of?

“Hopefully something I haven’t written yet.”

We can only hope that too, however he did follow up saying that The Body is the best episode of TV that he’s ever written. He went on to say that the best pieces that he’s written are the ones that make him realize something. The ones where the characters teach him something. Those are his favorites.

Second Season of Firefly

No, don’t get your hopes up.

This is about what he would do IF there was one. He would move forward with the story after Serenity, as much as he loves Wash. “You have to move forward.”

Biggest Geek Moment

Whedon’s biggest Geekgasm was when he recieved an email from Joe Quesada with a list of the X-men he wanted for his run. As we all know Whedon is a huge X-men fan, and I think it was a dream of his since he was a kid to write X-men.

Here’s the entire panel if you want to watch the thing in its entirety.


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