7 Key Moments You Missed from the Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel

I’m not the biggest firefly fan out there certainly however I have seen it all, and read all of the comics(I think). With that said I do love firefly and I was very exited to see what the 10th anniversary panel at SDCC was going to be. It did not disappoint, but your lives our busy, I know that. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best moments funny or insightful. Without further ado:

The entire cast was there, excluding Gina Tores, Ron Glass, Jewel Staite, and Morena Baccarin unfortunately. Joss Whedon, Tim Minear, and Jose Molina were there representing the creators and writers.

How did the idea form?

Firefly began in Joss’ mind as a piece of sci-fi that would feel real, like a piece of history. He wanted to tell a immigration story, but couldn’t do it without spaceships.

Fillion was the captain in more than the show

Nathan created a game for the cast to learn everyones name. This made everyone, the cast, and the crew closer. Joss also told the story of how Fillion went after a crew member who was disrespecting a female in the cast member.

The hat

Jane’s hat was all Adams idea. He got it from a office lady who knitted. He had to really push to get him to be able to wear that hat for the whole episode. Then he gave away a replica of the hat to a fan.


There will be more Firefly in some form or another

More comics are on the way. The Serenity books are Dark Horse’s best selling books ever.

Joss is also interested in a Firefly radio show(played as a joke, but I would listen). They give a live demo. Which is pretty awesome, if you have a chance listen to it, it starts at around the 39 minute marker.

Have you ever camped out all night long for something, and what was it?

Joss whedon’s answer, “Camping.”

I missed you Kaylee

What if Joss knew season 1 was all he had from the start?

If Joss knew Season 1 would have been his last season he probably wouldn’t have killed off anyone.(Alan Tudyk raised his arms in victory)

He said they would have explored Book and Inara and blue sun conspiracy.

That question is the one that made Joss cry.


What do the fans mean to them?

Joss couldn’t answer before the fans stood up yelling “We love you Joss”.

After they had quieted down he said, “You are living in firefly…there is firefly in all of us, the story is alive.” Joss’ final words.

However I think Nathan Fillion has the most appropriate quote to end this post. It really speaks to what the fans have done for the show. I mean just think about the fact that 10 years later so many people are still as exited about Firefly as they were when it first aired. There’s magic in that.

“I thought Firefly dying was the worst thing that could have happened…the worst thing that could have happened is if Firefly had stayed dead.” – Fillion

Here is the entire panel if you’re inspired to watch it. The camera can get a little crazy at moments but overall it’s very good quality.


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