6 Things you missed from the SDCC Fringe Panel

Comic con maybe long over, but I’m just now getting around to watching some of the panels that I wanted to see(I was out of town during, and I’m really behind on everything). Add to that, that I’ve now seen seasons 1-4 of Fringe and I’m pretty exited about their last season.

This panel was fun to watch, though if you’re pressed for time I’ll tell you the highlights so that you aren’t missing out. I’ll try too keep spoilers to a minimum so if you haven’t seen season 4 yet don’t worry. But you should watch it.

1. The biggest lesson is “to come”

This is not only a hilarious moment, but is also a tease for this season. Watch how Lance Reddick is shaking his head no at the audience.

This is a good a time as any to mention that everyone in the cast(besides Blair Brown who couldn’t make it) clearly wanted to be there, and were having fun with it. Also Anna Torv’s real accent is really hot.

2. The cast’s favorite scenes

They couldn’t pick a scene in which they were in. They tear up during these parts and they are as follows,

  • Jasika Nicole: When Walter can’t remember Peter’s phone number at the telephone booth. And her other favorite is when Olivia starts throwing away her clothes after Fauxlivia has lived there.
  • Lance Reddick and Anna Torv: They both lose it over the episode where Astrid meets her alternate self for the first time. I agree that is an amazing encounter, especially the bit with the father.
  • John Noble: “I love it when Peter chopped that guys fingers off.” And a scene where Olivia shot 17 men in one scene. You can tell the kind of things John is going for. He said these things to assure us that he wasn’t going to cry.
  • Joshua Jackson: said most of his favorite scenes were with Walter, but he’s in them so he chose Seth Gabel(Lincoln Lee) and his great portrayal of his two versions.

Then Joshua poured a bottle of water on his eye to make it look like he was crying and it spilled on his shorts. Then John took a video of it.

3. Grossest Scenes

Joshua describes the creatures from the episode snake heads, and pulling them out of bodies that he didn’t realize were fake.

Anna has a similar story about talking to a girl, and then leaving the room. When she returned the girl had been replaced with a fake who’s eye was hanging out, and she got really freaked out because it took her a second to realize it wasn’t the real person.

4. The Best Walterisms

  • The vegenda line. “It fits right into her vegenda”
  • The “I think I just pissed myself, don’t worry I think it was just a squirt” line from the pilot.
  • Astro, and all of the other non-Astrid names.

5. A Fringe Movie?

John Noble suggested the possibility of a movie after the series was over. Now wouldn’t that be nice. Personally I think it’s a long shot, but I would love to see what they do. I’m sure it would be really great too. J.J. Abrahms could even direct it. Either way there will be more Fringe I think is the take away. They’re making a book that is from September’s point of view that kind of chronicles the whole story, and of course fan fiction that they jokingly referred to as “50 shades of Fringe”.

6. We will get our answers

J. H. Wyman assured the fans that they wanted to make it the best ending for the Fringe series they can. They already have the entire thing scripted out.

On a related note a fan asked why there were no female observers, and he replied that that would be answered. Which gives me hope that we’ll get the answers we want out of the ending.

Here’s the panel, uncut. Apparently they cut some stuff from the official WB one on youtube.

Here’s the season 5 trailer. It’s mostly just footage from the flash-forward episode last season, but it has a few new moments.

So that’s it. I hope you got something out of this, and I hope this got you exited for the final season of Fringe, as I know I am.


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