Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 4

In case you somehow hadn’t realized, we here at Get Geek loooooooooooooooove Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all associated media. Devin, being a Geek 2 or so levels higher than me, has seen all of Buffy and Angel, and while convincing me quite a while ago to watch Buffy, I only recently got around to starting to watch Angel. My report for the fart(h) season is: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh pretty good…. I will elaborate below in three main parts.

Connor (Reprise)

In my season 3 thoughts I talked about how much I hated Connor, and how I feared that he would only get worse. I am hear to say that he gets mostly better! I think after he realizes how much he ballsed up with Angel, he kinda matures a little bit. He kind of gets better through the first half of the season, then has a gradual decline for the second half (along with the show itself). Most of it revolves around Cordelia and his obsession with her, and I think that if she hadn’t banged him then he would have been great.

Very Confusing at Points

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I definitely didn’t understand a few parts of the show season that I think were quite important??? The first being Fred and Gunn. There was a point, where it seemed that they broke up, but it seemed sudden, and it definitely felt I was being told, not shown. Fred let him loose, and then they just kinda continued their lives like normal? The way I perceived it, it was as if it really didn’t effect them at all.

Another thing was Cordelia’s Coma/death. I understand that after giving birth to Jasmine (more on that in the next section) put her into a coma, and then she was basically gone for the rest of the season, but what happened to her in the end? I think people mentioned something about her being kept safe and happy, but I definitely might have heard that wrong. And in what I’ve seen of the fifth season, she doesn’t even show up, just briefly mentioned! What I don’t understand is did she die? Or is she just gone but not dead? I really don’t understand it.

The Good the Bad

and the ugly

To be quite honest, I ended the season thinking fairly lowly of it. But looking back while writing this post, I’m realizing that it actually did have good parts! I really liked the beast and the arc surrounding it, and I also thought there were some good stand alone episodes such as:

Spin the bottle, in which all the characters revert to the way they were (essentially) when we first met them.

The house always wins, in which Gunn has debts to pay, and the gang gets involved with an evil Casino.

Supersymmetry, in which Fred and Gunn deal with a lot of growth and change, and Fred figures out who sent her to Pilea.

and Habeas Corpes, where we get to see most of the people that have been villains the whole show get brutally murdered.

The season however took a steep turn for the worse around the 11th episode, Soulless. The episode (and the ones surrounding it) were cool because of Angelus, but it kinda started the second arc of the season which was Cordelia being evil, Jasmine, and all the weirdness and uncomfortableness they could fit in. Really, I just have to ask, what were they thinking? It seems to me almost like they had an original plan, but halfway through found out that they couldn’t do it so they just ballsed around for about 11 episodes.

Overall, I think it had it’s good points but overall fell flat. The fifth season has promise, so I am holding out hope that it will get better.


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2 responses to “Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 4”

  1. dwashba says :

    Alright, here’s what I have to say in regards to your points.
    1. Fuck Connor. He doesn’t get better, it gets to the point where they have to write him out of existence practically at the end of the season.
    2. I never felt confused, at least by the things your talking about. I remember being completely fine with Fred and Gun’s relationship. I felt like it was fine.
    3. As I understand it Cordelia ascends to the upper plane or whatever. She basically becomes an Angel(haha, get it).
    4. I agree that the season is really pretty weak over all. Except I kind of had the opposite reaction to you. I couldn’t care less about the Beast storyline but realizing Cordelia was the villain was pretty great. Plus I really like the episode in which Fred has to buy a gun and go all bad ass.

    Totally agree its a weak season though. Season 5 is one of my favorites, we’ll see what you think.

  2. Helen says :

    I loved Connor. I loved the highly serialized drama.

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