Crazy Anime Descriptions?! Go!!!!

A couple weeks ago near midnight me and Tim were browsing Netflix. The anime section caught my eye, and I started reading all of the crazy titles and descriptions. There’s a certain magic to anime descriptions that you won’t find any where else. Without further ado, the craziest anime descriptions on Netflix, GO!


A rock ‘n’ roll psychedelic romp often compared to Yellow Submarine, Fooly Cooly (or FLCL) is a mind-bending visual rocket ride using anime aliens as allegory for teen angst. The protagonist, 12-year-old Naota, has his life changed forever when he’s run over by a guitar-wielding woman on a Vespa. The woman, Haruko, causes a horn to grow from Naota’s forehead, but that’s just the beginning of adventures for this slightly cynical, lovesick hero.

I may have to check this one out. There are only 6 episodes and according to a netflix review it, references Led Zeppelin, Lupin the III, The Ramones and Richenbacher guitars. The characters break the fourth wall.” I like Led Zeppenin, and Lupin the III, those other 2 not so much but even if it ends up not being my cup of tea, I’ll only have watched 6, 20 minute episodes.

Samurai Champloo

Fuu is a spacey waitress at a teahouse where a swordfight breaks out between two warriors. In exchange for saving the pair from execution, Fuu demands that they accompany her on a journey to find “a samurai who smells of sunflowers.”

Ok I have no idea what a Champloo is, but maybe it has to do with that whole smell thing. Listen I think that girl just wants to ‘ship with those two warriors. In other words I highly doubt there’s a sunflowery samurai. I actually may enjoy this since it’s directed by the guy what directed Cowboy Bepob(aka my favorite anime and a probable source of inspiration for Firefly).

Ouran High School Host Club

New student Haruhi stumbles on the Ouran High School Host Club, an all-male group that makes money by entertaining the girls of the school. After breaking a precious vase, Haruhi passes herself off as a boy to become a host and repay her debt.

I love that because well, first off what does “entertain” mean in this situation. Are they like a male strip group or something like those guys in Arrested Development? Then the whole conflict of her having to be a boy is because she breaks a vase. Priceless. Plus I love the episode names like:

Beware the Physical Exam!” and

The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!”

High School of the Dead

After a virus turns the teachers and pupils of Fujimi High School into zombies, a group of surviving students arm themselves with an arsenal of homemade weapons in a bid to survive the undead menace that soon sweeps across the globe.

This is an idea that could only work in an anime. I mean its cheerleaders killing zombies. One of the reviews confirmed my suspicions of panty shots and bouncing, ehem, chests… I guess that’s cool, if that’s what your into. And I swear every image in Google image search is like that.

Fruits Basket

Yuki Sohma is a teenager whose family harbors a strange secret: If any of them are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they transform into animals of the Chinese zodiac. To complicate things, Yuki’s family has taken in a young orphan named Tohru.

Ya…do I really need to say anything? That’s just F-d up.


Also most of those women have giant pink hair.

Girls Bravo
In this erotic anime romp, young Yukinari must overcome his extreme fear of girls when he’s magically transported to a world inhabited mostly by women. There he grows infatuated with a girl named Miharu, whom he wants to bring back home.

Honestly this description is better in short form when you don’t know that he becomes infatuated with Miharu. Now that’s because it’s described as erotic and the main character is transported(magic, i.e. no reason) to a world inhabited MOSTLY by women. What the hell? How does a world develop where there are mostly women? It would make sense to me if it was all women, but it’s just mostly.

School Rumble

High school antics and heartbreak get the anime treatment in this comedic series about sophomore Tenma Tsukamoto, who falls for the striking but clueless Oji Karasuma, while she herself remains oblivious to the feelings of a defiant fellow student.

In other words every highschool drama ever.

That’s all for now. Check back next week for even more bizarre anime. The thing is despite how stupid they tend to be, they do know how to really catch your attention. If you have any anime’s to recommend either because it has a crazy premise or that you think I should watch it, please comment!


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2 responses to “Crazy Anime Descriptions?! Go!!!!”

  1. timothyblakely says :

    Jesus man FRUIT BASKET i seem to remember that one being the absolute craziest of the night (and my favorite)

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