Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 3

In case you somehow hadn’t realized, we here at Get Geek loooooooooooooooove Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all associated media. Devin, being a Geek OVER NINE THOUSAND levels higher than me, has seen all of Buffy and Angel, and while convincing me quite a while ago to watch Buffy, I only recently got around to starting to watch Angel. My report for the th-th-th-third season is: INCOMPREHENSIBLY AWESOME. I will elaborate below in three main parts.


IS THE GOD DAMN WORST CHARACTER EVER. Like really, all he ever did was balls up everything. First he believes all the crap that Holtz tells him, then he actually believe the Angel killed Holtz, then he sends his father to the bottom of the sea!

I really did like him as a baby, but he just seems so manipulatable! Like if he would just get his head out of his ass he would be a great asset to Angel investigations, but Devin has said he gets even worse in season four so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Strange Relationship Changing, that Somehow Works

A while back, a friend told me that they stopped watching Angel around the time Cordelia and Angel had a thing, so I was expecting that arc as it came. I was expecting it to be uncomfortable and weird but it actually worked out great! Because of the great staff and writers, it felt completely natural to me and to be honest, I liked them much more than him and Buffy.(Devin Agrees!)

Another strange relationship change is how Wesley is now everyones enemy. To be honest, this part just made me sad because I really like Westley! Even though I understand how much it must have hurt for Angel to lose his son, I think he was overreacting by trying to smother him to death.


Now without a doubt, the season 2 finale takes the cake for best Angel finale (the dance of joy) but this one takes the cake for most outrageous cliffhanger. Lorne has gone to Vegas, Cordelia was elevated to be a higher being, and as mentioned before, Angel has been sunk to the bottom of the ocean. And it ends with just Fred and Gunn alone in the hotel, with no idea what to do. Absolutely alone. If there was one thing that made me want to watch the next season it was a twist like that.

So in the end, I think this was an even better season of Angel. I’m not sure if this will be the peak of the show like many have said, but I can’t wait to see where it goes! Maybe if I’m lucky, Connor will die in the first few episodes.


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Timothy is a wizard of a musician. He plays pretty much all the instruments, proof of which you can see on his youtube channel. Tim’s the nicest guy you’ll meet unless he’s feeling snarky in which case, watch out. He’s always checking out new stuff, and his more than happy to share his opinion on everything. Tim also holds the record for TV watching endurance and speed. It will assuredly be the death of him. I'm a peeweeist

One response to “Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 3”

  1. dwashba says :

    To your point of Connor sucking. Yes, but thats kind of the point of his character.
    I think Season 3 is close, if not my favorite Buffy/Angel season of them all(season 5 of both shows are also up there). It just gets so dark, and I loved Wesley’s fall in this season. It’s sort of the Buffy Season 6 thing done better, with less attempted rape(and thats always a good thing).

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