The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a Work of Art

Ages and ages ago, in the far off time of 2008, I watched a movie called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I thought it was cool, but because I was only like 12 I had no idea that I was watching an absolute masterpiece. One that at the time of last week, I would watch again and have my life changed. Below, I will list all of the reasons The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is an amazing work of art.

The Film

First off, the movie was absolutely stunning. The Cinematography was beautiful and at no point did I feel like their was unnecesary or unusual dialogue. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were pros, especially given that they had to play characters far younger and older then themselves. The special effects/makeup were very believable and overall, it was a very well made movie.

Humor and Wit

In addition, there are plenty of moments of humor and wit, the kind that don’t necessarily define a movie as comedy, but make it a much better movie. Another cool feature is the addition of real world events. Many comparisons have been made between Benjamin Button and Forrest Gump, and because they are both movies showing the viewer through a persons life chronologically they both have lots of historical references that make the movie especially enjoyable for anyone who attended their U.S. History class.


In the movie, there is a slew of supporting characters and the two main ones. The two main characters are Benjamin Button and Daisy Fuller, who are portayed at many different points in their life, in the most realistic way I have ever seen in a movie. The characters aren’t just immediately in love like in some movies similar to this, they try to get together many times but because they’re not really adults yet it doesn’t work out.

Because at it’s heart Benjamin Button is a love story, the story mainly focuses on their relationship. However, it is lacking all of the unrealistic cliches that so many movies have. In addition to Benjamin and Daisy, the movie has characters such as Queenie, a woman who takes Benjamin in as a child and raises him despite his rare condition and gives him pearls of insightful advice throughout his life. Captain Mike, a captain who expresses his passion for art by tattooing himself, and who showed benjamin a lot of his life experiences. There’s also a snobby piano player, a crazy man struck by lightning 7 times, and so much more.


At any given point in time, I have a favorite funny movie, and a favorite thoughtful movie. At the moment my funny is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off* and My thoughtful is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The reason being the uncontrollable amount of VanderSWAG I can feel the movie simply sweating. For the 99.999% of the population who don’t understand the concept of VanderSWAG, what I mean is that the movie has an absolute ton of qualities that make it something an english teacher would rave about. Symbolism, themes, messages, what more could you want!

I will not actually go into all of the literary devices, because I feel uncomfortable not letting you figure them out for yourself, but just know that if you are a reading major or even just a fan of reading, you will enjoy this movie.

So I have given my thoughts, give me yours! I want them! I have a collection of thoughts and it has some major gaps that I think you could help with. So comment this post, tweet @pedrofiliac (me) or @wegetgeek (Devin) or just send a rock through my window with yours opinions on a piece of paper wrapped around it.

*Save Ferris


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