Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 2

In case you somehow hadn’t realized, we here at Get Geek loooooooooooooooove Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all associated media. Devin, being a Geek at LEAST thirty levels higher than me, has seen all of Buffy and Angel, and while convincing me quite a while ago to watch Buffy, I only recently got around to starting to watch Angel. My report for the SECOND season is: Even More Awesome. I will elaborate below in three main parts.

Much better arc

Probably the biggest flaw with season one in my opinion, was the more or less lack of a story arc. That was probably my favorite thing about Buffy, always keeping me wondering what would happen next, so when a show doesn’t have one it kinda falls flat in my eyes. Obviously he was moving into LA and meeting the people that would eventually become characters on the show, but this season really had a proper one. I really enjoyed seeing Darla and Drusilla again, and the Wolfram and Hart bunch are very interesting in themselves. Add on top of that, the protagonist becomes very unlikable for a long while. Overall, a much more fluent and better written season.

All the new ballsing characters

We got the host, Fred, Gunn, and not to mention the Hotel, I had no idea what I was signing up for.

The Host

The Host is very easily my favorite character through all of season 2. For those who don’t know, The Host is a demon who runs a demon-friendly, non-violent, karaoke bar. His use to Angel investigations, is that he can read peoples emotions and tell peoples futures, but only when they sing. (Which means lots of hilarious clips of David Boreanz singing) He is flamboyant and hilarious and I love him.


All though she is only in the show for about 3 episodes this season, you can already tell that she will be a loveable and valuable character. She is something that frankly the show should have had ages ago, a sciency character who knows stuff and stuff. (See Willow Rosenberg)


Gunn is a badass, nuff said. He is like the super cool tough guy who messes up EVERYBODY’S balls if he has to. Gunn is the balls. Gunn. Is. The. Balls. I understand that he isn’t neccesarily introduced in the season, but he doesn’t really become a full member  until 2, so I’m throwing him in this list anyways.

The Hotel

Not actually a character, or that pivotal of a piece in the show, but it would just be SO cool to live in a hotel. I’ve actually been looking for old decrepit hotels for sale recently, just because of how awesome it is in angel.

Whedon’s Unconventional Protagonists

I am genuinely sorry for this

Something I’ve noticed in my look at Whedon material, is that he tends to have very unusual protagonists. What I mean by that, is that he tends to kinda break the rules for for main characters, making all of his shows particularly interesting. For instance.


Buffy in herself isn’t that strange, she’s a girl with a somewhat typical situation where she finds out she has a lot of power, and has to accept that her life will never be normal. That’s not the strange thing about her. The strange thing about her is that for a fair amount of the show named after her, she is entirely unlikable. She is selfish, bratty, entitled, and incredibly self absorbed.


In the series Dollhouse, Echo is a character, who isn’t really a character at all. At her normal resting state, she has no personality. None at all, she’s programmed that way. And then in just about every episode she becomes an entirely new person. A singer/bodyguard, a simple housewife, or even multiple people at once! She is the main character, and she is about 20 characters.


Angel is in this list because he is the good guy only some of the times. Not only is he capable of becoming more evil than most of the villains in the show at any given time, but for a sizable amount of season two, he becomes an enemy of all the other characters, and to a degree, the viewer. During this time he tortures a friend, obsesses over Wolfram and Hart, and sleeps with Darla, one of his biggest enemies of the season.

I think that Season 2 was an immense step up from Season 1, and I can’t WAIT to write my thought on season 3.

Until next time,


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