Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 1

In case you somehow hadn’t realized, we here at Get Geek looooove Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all associated media. Devin, being a Geek at LEAST ten levels higher than me, has seen all of Buffy and Angel, and while convincing me quite a while ago to watch Buffy, I only recently got around to starting to watch Angel. My report for the first season is: Awesome. I will elaborate below in three main parts.

Buffy+Crime Show=(inlove)

One of the things I thought Buffy was always missing, was a hint of NCIS (lie) but in all seriousness, they fit together very well (truth). In the show, Angel and some other characters from Buffy form a PI service and “help the helpless” such as people with supernatural problems. I think the dynamic of dark and light is perfect, and I at times think I might like Angel more than Buffy.


As far as mixed feelings go OH MY GOD. Doyle was a character introduced very on. He was a half demon who possessed the power to see visions of people in trouble. You might notice that I am speaking in the past tense… and that’s where the mixed feelings come in. He died about half  way through the first season, and all though he was an amazing loveable character the show really took off after him. He seemed to be holding back the plot to a degree, and after he died that allowed Westley to replace him, and the show wouldn’t be what it is without Westley.

The Finale


My final thought is the finale of the first season. It was really good. It was kinda like after the slightly messy first season, it all came together into an awesome finale that was similar to many Buffy Finales. In it, both of his companions nearly die, his house explodes, and all seems completely lost until finally they pull through, and it ends with an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger, just like you would expect. I have high hopes for season 2 and all that follow it, and I will share my thoughts on all of them!

So in conclusion, watch this show. What are you doing! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! WATCH IT!!!!!!!!


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Timothy is a wizard of a musician. He plays pretty much all the instruments, proof of which you can see on his youtube channel. Tim’s the nicest guy you’ll meet unless he’s feeling snarky in which case, watch out. He’s always checking out new stuff, and his more than happy to share his opinion on everything. Tim also holds the record for TV watching endurance and speed. It will assuredly be the death of him. I'm a peeweeist

2 responses to “Timothy’s Thoughts on Angel Season 1”

  1. dwashba says :

    Season 2’s pretty good. But Season 3 is da bomb. At least like most of it.
    When you say you sometimes like Angel more than Buffy, are you talking the character or the show?

    • timothyblakely says :

      Jesus sorry yeah thats a really confusing situation cause the shows have the same names as their characters I MEANT THE SHOW because i ALWAYS like EVERYBODY more than Buffy she is an ENTITLED rude SELF ABSORBED Brat. Shes cool sometimes but mostly

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