New Awesome Album Barbarian Jetpack on Kickstarter

Mikey Mason the geek comedy rocker is back for a second studio album, but he needs funding. I wrote about his first kickstarter having some of the craziest rewards around, and this time is no slouch either.

For only 10,000 dollars you can ruin(?) his life by making him legally change his name to “Captain Tightpants” or “Bobba Fett” and for 2,000 he’ll run an RPG for you. OK so those rewards are kind of silly and you might not want them, but for $10 you can get a digital copy of the album.

But will it be any good, you ask intrepidly? Why not peruse his first album Impotent Nerd Rage. Or if you don’t have time to listen to the whole album you can listen to the song I featured on the now dormant Geeky Song of the Week feature, Me and Alan Moore’s Beard.

Or if you want to hear a song that will be on the album itself you can listen to Best Game Ever.

Best Game Ever is a tribute to D&D, and for good measure has been blessed by the Gygax family which you can read about over on Mikey’s blog.

So if you’ve enjoyed listening to these songs please consider pledging to Barbarian Jetpack or if you lack the funds tell you moneybag friends about it so Mr. Mason can do what he loves.


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