Avengers: Savage Thor

With the release of the Avengers this week, I thought why not build some Savage Worlds versions of the Avengers themselves? I’ll be using the Savage Worlds Explorers edition, and the Super Powers Companion previously reviewed on the site if you wan’t to follow along.

I’ll be going off of the movie versions of these characters, because I’m more familiar with them. I have read multiple comics with each of the avengers, but to keep things simple we’ll stick with the movie versions. There not that different anyway.

Main Stats: Remember these are PRE-superpowers stats. So don’t be weirded out by his low strength and vigor ect.

        Agility: d8
        Smarts: d4
        Spirit: d6
       Strength: d6
       Vigor: d8

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): Again, PRE-superpowers

Climbing: d4
Knowledge(Norse Myth):

Explanation: The norse myth is at a d8 because I doubt he knows as much as other Asgaurdians do.

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6
Parry: 8
Toughness: 9
Charisma: 0



All Thumbs (Minor):  He can’t use earth technology very well, I’m not imagining that am I?
Villain(Major): Loki. Cause I could just do Villain for everyone, but that would be no fun. Loki works because he’s in the Avengers.


Super Powers
2 x Power points: That’s +10 points to buy super powers



Super Powers:  Some of his powers got a -2 to them for him having to have his hammer to use them.

Ageless: and he’s Very Old.
Attack, Melee:  I added the lightning elemental trick, and knockback. So this would do d12 + 1 + 3d6 damage. Not bad! Needs hammer.
Flight: He can fly at 24 squares a turn, and his enemies get a -1 to hit while he’s flying. Needs hammer.
Super Strength: +4 steps up Strength. So that makes him have a d12+1 Strength
Super Fighting: +2 steps to Fighting, bringing it to a d12+1
Super Vigor: +2 steps to Vigor, bringing it to a d12.

The end… I’m keeping all the Avengers at 20 experience to keep them all at the same power level, while giving them some punch. Thor worked out pretty well. I would have liked to give him the arrogant hindrance. Ah well. I can’t remember if he has any actual thunder powers, or if its all wrapped up in Mjolnir. I think I got it right. Any Thor founds out there feel free to correct me.


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