Get Geek’s 1st Anniversary

The sites a year old. Crazy, so the sites getting a little make over. We’ve been slowly enacting new content over the past few weeks, like the podcast and my supernatural civil war story, (part 3’s up today). We can only hope that these features, plus whatever else we decide to throw at the wall in the next year will stick, and make the website all that it can be. Below is a compiled list of posts that I wanted to highlight, to show the growth of the site and just some of our favorite moments.


One of the first posts I did, was on Robocop. Looking back on it now, there are a ton of typos, yet it still is a pretty solid effort and if you want to reminisce about Robocop it’s a great way to do that. I hadn’t really found my style; I’m not sure I have even now, but you can definitely tell I was going for something different with these early posts compared to the ones I write now. Oh ya, about the geek points thing: I had this weird(still kinda cool, but too ambitious) idea that we would assign “geek points” to things to give some order to what are the most essential viewings/readings, ect for geeks. Not a bad idea right, but the infrastructure at wordpress doesn’t allow for anything that specific.


The next two go hand in hand. First off my top 10 reasons to watch Buffy. It got TIM to watch it, though I don’t think he’s watched much of Angel. Beware though Buffy is a gateway drug to the whole Whedon verse. Which brings us to the top 10 things I learned from Joss Whedon’s comic-con pannel . This post is fun, despite some of the info being outdated(Cabin in the Woods is already out for instance) but its still a good insight into the man, the myth, the guy who says Grrr, arg!

Savage Worlds Scott Pilgrim

The first, and in my opinion one of the best conversions of a character into Savage Worlds, a very simple and nice roleplaying game is with Scott Pilgrim. The lovable dork from the books and the (box office flop or not) awesome movie, being a bad ass with stats. Still think a Scott Pilgrim RPG would be a good idea. I mean there’s level ups, and stats right in the source material!

Tim’s music

Tim could articulate these things better than me, but here’s a go: Tim’s an internet musician with a bunch of covers, and originals(oh baby) on youtube. Now for some reason he talks about himself in the third person in the post, but you can just listen to his songs, don’t even worry about reading it(he calls you lazy).

Let’s Play Earthbound

Earthbound…what is there to say. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played, but that may have something to do with our own in jokes, and constant references to it, rather than the game itself. It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but its the experience of playing it with Tim, and being able to comment about all the crazy stuff that happens. It’s also our longest running features on the site.

DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore

I’ll bring up my review of DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore just because its one of my favorite things I’ve reviewed this whole year. It’s got something for everyone I believe. Two of the most introspective Superman stories of all time, and some other lesser known stories that are surprising gems.

Best of 2011

The next two go hand in hand. Tim and my “Best and Worst of 2011” lists. Good if you want a quick guide to what we like, or if we hate the same things, LMFAO anyone?

Outrageous Anecdotes

I’d be remiss not to mention our new podcast Outrageous Anecdotes which has just been a bucket of fun to make. Beware they are dangerously random, and uninformative, but if you can live with that they are tons of fun.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Another top..9 to explain why you need to watch Avatar the Last Airbender. Convinced me, now I just have to find time to watch it.

Mark of the Shadow

Finally, the most recent thing that I love doing here on the site is writing The Mark of the Shadow(I changed the name). It’s a tale of growing up,deception, and companionship. At least that’s the plan. It’s far from done. But you can follow along as I write it, every Sunday a new segment will be posted.


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