9 Reasons to Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

9 Reasons to Watch Avatar

If you read any kind of internet blog, or use any website similar (Like Tumblr or Reddit) Than you have heard about The Legend of Korra. TLOK is a continuation of the american cartoon Avatar the Last Airbender. Aang, the main character, is the avatar – a guide to everyone on the earth, but he’s been missing for 100 years so the world has fallen into chaos. One of the four nations of the world, the fire nation is trying to take over the world through war, and Aang and his friends have to stop them.Since I saw the first episode of Korra, I have started rewatching the Avatar series. I enjoy it partly because i watched it religiously as a kid, but also because it is just a fantastic series in it’s own right. Here are nine reasons(cause ten is just too much) you should watch Avatar.

1. Terrific and awful writing

The most noticeably good thing about Avatar is its writing. Some it is terrific, realistic, and great at developing the very complex characters, and some of it is just so bad its good. There is a scene in the second season that goes as follows:

Chan: The beach is so sandy!

Azula: haha

Chan: It should be called sandville!

Azula: Your arms look so big

Chan: Yeah.

They kiss

2. Relation to asian culture

Along with being really cool, you will be an especially big avatar fan if you enjoy Asian or Steampunk culture. Throughout the entire series, they write in various asian languages, all do martial arts, and eat all kinds of interesting oriental foods. On top of that, basically all the machines and contraption have strong Steampunk influences. Not only is the design cool, but so is the actual art!

Oh baby

3. The Actual Art

The actual art in Avatar is pretty great. Like the art in any cartoon it has its sketchy moments (GOD I’M SO FUNNY) but its always pretty amazing. The art combines american animation and anime in a cacophony of beauty. Check it out for yourself!

4. Bending is REALLY cool

This here is one of things that originally drew 11 year old me (and many others) in to the series, the fighting is just SO COOL. If you weren’t aware, water bending, air bending, earth bending, and fire bending are when one of the characters uses special movements to move the respective element. This results in really cool fighting scenes, interesting uses for the ability, and me spending years moving my hands at water expecting something to happen. (It didnt)

5. Dynamic Characters

Now I hate to sound too much like my english teacher, but one huge strong point to Avatar is its dynamic and round characters. The writers essentially give the very dynamic cast a range of problems and struggles to get through, and they all develop and mature along the way. Every characters has internal and external conflicts to deal with, and the way they do is very realistic and entertaining.

6. No filler Episodes

Something that really bothers me about shows like Doctor Who is that there are too many episodes that have nothing to do with the overall plot. Episodes that have their own little story just drive me crazy, and that’s another reason to love Avatar. There’s not a single episode that doesn’t get you closer to a conclusion, or greatly develop a character.

7. Humor

Their use of humor, irony, and sarcasm are kind of like a cherry on top for this show. You can have episodes showing a characters horrible past full of heartbreak and torment, and still have me cracking up at the end at some remark that Sokka makes. Its more than comic relief, its super comic relief; what did i just say.

8. Cool music

Adding on to the Asian culture bit at the beginning, the music in this show is just terrific. It really helps build on emotions, and also is really good at setting the mood. Listen to this, I dare ya!

9. Made for kids but great for adults

All though at it’s heart Avatar: The Last Airbender is a kids show, it really has no definite audience. The show makes you care for the characters just as much, if not more than other show I’ve seen. It makes you laugh and cry, and it is just a genuinely good show for a person of any age.

So that’s it kids, you heard it here first. Avatar is good. So good in fact, that it gets Timothy’s Seal of Approval. Also its available on Netflix instant right now!

Well I gotta roll, thanks for tuning in.


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3 responses to “9 Reasons to Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender”

  1. Ali says :

    Yeah man, what really makes this series is the amazing character development, how they make us feel for every character, the world building, the pace, and the message. One thing though, that example of “awful writing” you gave was meant to emphasize Azula’s failure at interacting with people cause of her dominating and power-hungry attitude. It showed how awkward it was when she tried to play into what kids her age actually act like..Zuko and her are both sorta weird socially, cause that’s what happens when you don’t really have a real childhood, and everyone’s just trying to keep the Fire Lords’ kids happy. Zuko less so, obviously, cause of the banishment (but that’s still not a “normal” childhood).

  2. Bertie Wooles says :

    I would argue that Season 2 has SOME filler. But i agree with most of the points

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