Game Dev Journey: Weeks 6-7

This is coming in a little late, but whatever. I’ve been reading the book Getting Things Done , so I’m feeling somewhat professional, don’t worry it will pass. After I’ve given an overview of what the last two weeks have brought to me personally, I’ll get into tools we can use to manage projects, especially across the web.

Ya, you jump pickle man. You jump for the rest of us!

So what have these past weeks brought? Well we did not collectively hit the deadline. Perhaps it asking for the amount of assets I asked for was unreasonable, but considering the amount of time I gave I don’t think so. One member of the team, I was unable to contact throughout the last week, so he literally didn’t contribute at all. I’m going to have to think about how I handle things like this…To be fair he’s not being payed or anything, but its still disappointing to see someone agree to work on this project with me after I plainly described that it would be full of hard work, and take a lot of time away from him.

Before I get too pouty, lets talk about what was accomplished: The main character pictured to the left now is getting closer to what he should be looking like, but we don’t have any other frames of animation for that version of him, so right now his animation looks really trippy. On the other hand he animates! And moves! There are tiles for him to walk on, but I didn’t see the purpose in creating anything for him to walk on, because I don’t know how to a) elegantly stop the players movements and boundaries, and b) we don’t have boundaries because we don’t have walls drawn yet.

I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way to keep going is to focus on the positive. We really are making great strides in learning how to make games.

On the preposterous pickle things have transformed quickly from a simple platformer, to a strange story in which you kill other fruit. That’s his knife over to the left, don’t know if blood, or juice should come when the fruits are stabbed…ideas? The pickle himself animates with a little bouncing animation, and he jumps! Ok so the jumping isn’t perfect, because he’s a little too uncontrollable, but were still figuring this stuff out.
Ok onto organizing your team. I recommend Dropbox for hosting assets and documentation that the whole team can access, that way they can look at the documentation, figure out what they have to do and ask questions if they need to. Then when they’ve made art, sound WHATEVER, they put it in the dropbox, and everyone on the team can immediately see it.

As far as networking goes, I’d really like to get everyone on email more, so I can send them a message that I know they’ll check without having to go through skype which is awkward for longer messages, and the fact that both parties have to be online for one party to get a messege. IM is great for quick back and forths as it has always been, but when describing a thing or trying to get a longer idea out, its easier to work with email.

Along with this I would recommend Google Calenders. If you’re not already using Google Calender, its a great tool that allows you to have multiple calenders that you can look at all at once or manage individually. You can share individual calenders with others, in our case to plan due dates, suggested work times, meetings, again whatever you want to do with it. Plus its stored “IN THE CLOUD” so you can reach it wherever you are.


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