Game Dev Journey: Weeks 4-5

These past weeks have been full of feverish learning, but little progress otherwise. I finished up my basic C# training, although I understand its a constant learning experience. I’ve picked up a book on basic Object Oriented Programming(OOP), as the video’s mentioned last week really didn’t go into it. More on that later if it turns out to be helpful.

Here's a tile that won't be making it into the game.

The team has created some assets, but its very sparse so far. Luckily we have spring break up ahead that will let us catch up on some stuff so we can hit our goals for the month.

I’ve found a couple of new resources to help guide us learners. First off the wiki for Game Programming, is pretty good but not that welcoming to new learners. You have to be pretty savy to understand a lot of it. But contrary to its name its not only for programmers, they have sections on game design and project managment as well as forums.

In the area of game programming/scripting the Buzz 3d unity tutorial has been really great, although in the video’s they promise a more indepth series that has yet to happen. They cover how to make a basic 2d shooter, kinda like space invaders, but some how on a smaller scale because there’s only one enemy at a time. Despite it being a stupid game its good to know the basics of how to script in unity. Oh and it uses C# as its language which is important.

The pickle in question

Me and Tim have started a side project that we hopefully can finish pretty fast. It’s name as of now is The Preposterous Pickle. After spending an hour or 2 on it I was able to get him to get off the ground at the tap of a button, however he wouldn’t come back down, which as you can imagine is a problem. I’m thinking we’ll release that here, or somewhere else on the web for people to play when its done.

This is what the game looks like so this is what games look like before they have all those fancy graphics huh?


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