My Thoughts on Being Human Series 1(BBC)

This is a review of the BBC Being Human not the American remake.

Being Human almost reminds me of a British Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The keyword is almost, you won’t find action or magic, but you do get a drama about supernatural people trying to fit into the normal world.

The three main characters are as follows: Mitchel, a vampire trying to “get off the wagon” – vampire slang for not killing, George, a Werewolf who locks himself up on the full moon, and Annie a ghost who died in the house that they now residein.

The main conflicts over the course of the 6 episode season are how the three of them deal with being non-human.  Mitchel has to deal with someone he sired, and the temptation to feed. George still has to accept what he is, and protect the people he loves from what he is. Annie is trying to find out why she hasn’t passed on, and she has to watch as her fiancé continues to live his life with another woman.

Each roughly 60 minute episode sticks to these conflicts throwing in a twist here, or a supporting character there. It may not sound like it but there is enough story potential here, but the Toby Whithouse does a good job of keeping the goal of “being human” just out of the characters reach.

Of course it wouldn’t be a modern drama without an overarching story, which in this case is about Mitchel’s sire trying to make a vampiric utopia. The individual episodes bleed together into one story seamlessly while retaining compelling, complete stories within each episode.

Bringing it back to the Buffy comparison, it knows how to mix drama with light comedy very well. That said it can get pretty dark and nasty. There are multiple somewhat graphic sex scenes, and when vampires kill people, it gets bloody.

I think that the short season lends itself well to Being Human because it allows the season to feel like one big story without feeling stretched, or having filler episodes; another great thing about Being Human is that there are no filler episodes, in other words they are all great.The season ends on a good note, and with a bit of a cliffhanger, which is alright with me because I know there are at least 2 more seasons worth of episodes.  I will continue to watch this program excitedly because it is good enough to compare to Buffy.


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