Christmas guide of…well christmas gifts

There’s not much time left, but if your like my mom then you shop on the night before Christmas anyway. In which case this list might spark your ehem, credit card finger.  This list will focus on internet geekery mostly.

Keep in mind these are not reviews.

MunchkinMunchkin Axe Cop

Specifically the Axe Cop version, as it is the newest and undoubtedly most awesome version yet.  I own the classic version and have played a few other types in the past years. It’s grown to be Steve Jackson Games’ flagship game and with good reason. It’s a fast paced multiplayer competitive card game with a sense of humor. It’s a race to be the first player to level 10. You do this by battling monster cards, and certain treasure cards. Sounds easy right? Well not when your four best friends are trying to stop you any way possible. If your a wondering why I say that the Axe Cop version will be the best yet, I would respond with another question: Have you read Axe Cop? Seriously Do IT . Just as a side note, the Axe Cop trades, and t-shirts would be a great present for the Axe Cop fan in your life. I have the first volume and its got lots of bonus commentary.


DC Comics: The New 52

Sorry I don’t have a marvel item, but I didn’t want to call this the comics category, and this is just too…big to pass up. Clocking in at  1216 pages, full color, and $150 this is a crazy book. It collects all the new #1 issues from the DC re-…thing in one massive volume that you could probably use to shield  yourself from bullets. If you know a DC fan who didn’t shell out the cash for the new issues, then your in luck! This is actually cheaper then buying the issues individually. I can’t comment on the quality of the comics inside, but I’m guessing that if your the kind of person considering this then you don’t really care. If you do want a few opinions on the issues check out the reviews at Major Spoilers. They have a review of EVERY issue.

Rob Kirkman Comics

Of course the Invincible (More expensive because its color) and Walking Dead Compendiums are wonderful bargain collections of some of my favorite books.

A Netflix Subscription

Everyone has different TV tastes so why not get something with a big selection and let them decide what they want to watch. Plus I’m sure they’ll share their password with you!


Apocalypse WorldApocalypse World

This was on my list. It’s written by Vincent Baker the indie darling behind such hits as Dogs in the Vineyard, and kill puppies for satan… Yes, you read that right. Anyway its met universal praise for its GM advice and hard hitting system. He’s dropped the price of the PDF to $10 and included some bonus material until the 31st(act quick) in response for winning the Indie RPG Awards, the Lucca Games Best of Show, and the Golden Geek Game of the Year. Quite an accomplishment huh?

Mouse Guard

If you want  a less gritty but still super cool game, the box set of Mouse Guard has been recently released. It’s been marketed as a kids game, and its simple enough if kids are guided, but there’s plenty of fun for adults here. It’s a wonderful system, and the box set is awesome if your new to roleplaying because it includes everything you need to play, even dice!

For that Video Game player in your life:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

Something like this could happen to you!

Surely you’ve heard about it? Not only is it the biggest bang for you buck, with an estimated 300 hours of gameplay, but its just straight up fun. See if you can get someone else to play it as well because its always fun to swap stories about the crazy things that will happen to you.  I’m partial to the PC version because it not only looks better then its PS3 and 360 counterparts but it has modding potential!


If you don’t have a good gaming rig, and don’t want to plop down the investment money there are still options for you. Bastion is an critically acclaimed(and beautiful) indie developed downloadable game, for the 360 and PC. It’s a 2-d action rpg game in a very vibrant world. And its recently been ported to the Chrome web browser… I don’t know how they got it to work but they did so as long as you can run chrome on your computer(mac, pc, linux) you can run the game. Pretty nifty huh? There is a demo you can download as well to see if your interested.

That’s it! Got any suggestions? Leave your tip in the comments section!


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