Devin’s thoughts on Once Upon a Time Pilot

This is partially a response to Bex’s post on Good Girls Gone Geek because I probably wouldn’t have watched it without her breakdown of it.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t really enjoy my viewing experience. It’s not all that bad, however it did not leave me wanting more. You should know that Once is about the fairy tale kingdom being trapped in the real world by the wicked witch, Storybrook Main(ugh), and their only hope is Snow Whites’ Daughter, Emma, who they sent off before they got trapped. Now none, of the residents know that they are fairy tale characters. So you end up with Snow White as a teacher, Witch as the town’s mayor and so on.

This is all well and good, but my problem is that they are exactly what you would expect. This wouldn’t be such an issue for me but at the very beginning of the episode they say “There was an enchanted forest filled with characters we know…or think we know.” But then it goes on and turns out we knew them. This is one thing that Fables does so well, and if you’ve been following the site for a while you know I love Fables.

Apart from that I found it all to be just to cheesy. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for something this, I don’t want to say cheery because it certainly isn’t, but it also wasn’t dark. It just felt bland to me. You have the fairy tale flashbacks which are pretty CG heavy, covering how they got in the real world. The witch is just too evil for me. She is not scary and I don’t see her as having a motivation, although you could say revenge. But then, I ask why would she want to go into the real world her self? And with people spouting “the final battle” left and right it was just hard to take it seriously at all.

I think the show is a fun distraction but unless I hear that it improves as it goes, and that could be it as it’s not the first great TV show to have a bad pilot, or really bad first season or two. Just look at Star Trek: TNG. It’s remembered fondly but most people hate the first couple of seasons. I’m hoping this is the case for Once because the fairy tale concept can be done so much better. Of course they could just make that Fables TV show and I’d be happy.


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2 responses to “Devin’s thoughts on Once Upon a Time Pilot”

  1. bex says :

    Points are well taken.
    I am wondering if the wicked witch intended for what happened (them ending up in our world) or if it was an unexpected shock for her too pissing her off even more.

    Fables is def a better done thing but I don’t know if I ever want to see it adapted for big or small screen.

    • dwashba says :

      Well whether intended or not I find it kinda funny how she says “its the worst place you could possibly imagine, with no happiness, yadayada” and then they go to earth.

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