Review:Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

The Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion is a pretty fantastic addition to the already great savage worlds system.

Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

Writers: Shane Lacy Hensley, Clint Black, Piotr Korys, and Paul “Wiggy” Wad-Williams
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Price: 14.99(digital), 19.99(hardcopy)


Chances are if you’ve been on the site before you have seen a Savage Worlds Heroes posts , so you can guess that I like the system a bit.  This book adds more standard super powers. Their were rules for super heroes in the original rules, but they did not fit the setting that well. They worked if you wanted really low powered supers, but they couldn’t let you play a green lantern for example.  I’m going to look at the book a chapter at a time, and I’m also assuming you know a bit about Savage Worlds. However the quick and dirty is your skills and stats are a dice from d4-d12+blank and that for most acts a 4 is the target number to roll above.

Chapter 1:

Chapter one covers character options and creation with the exception of the superpowers themselves that are in chapter 4. There are a few new hindrances that cover stuff like having to snap your fingers to turn your powers on to having a weakness to yellow(If thats your thing). There is also an interesting one that gives your hero(or villain) a condition that could cause him to die any session.  I really like it. It has potential. There are 4 new edges but really only 3 since one just gives you super powers, and that’s practically required.

Chapter 2:

Chapter two is special setting rules that are all completely optional, but some of the coolest stuff in the book. There are rules to adjust the power level of the game from standard, to Street level, where your spider-man types would be, to Cosmic level, who are your guys are flying through space having intergalactic wars all the time. There is a option to get rid of Guts, but I think that’s just a standard rule now so you can ignore that. There is an option to start with all your powers and not get any more as you get experience points. There is a heroic bennies rule that add a new type of benny that you can use for any role including damage, or to add a d6, but it gives the Heroic Hindurance to all the PC’s. There are rules to allow you to be slightly or majorly under-powered in relation to your peers.

Chapter 3: 

The gear is mostly the same as the core rules with the exception of special weapons that include stuff like the Foam Thrower, which lets you in case people in fast hardening foam. Sounds snazzy huh? There are more vehicles that you would expect people like Shield(from marvel) would have. This chapters not very notable.

Chapter 4:

This is the most important chapter in the book and it delivers. The super powers edge gives you 10 points to spend on getting the super powers you want. Unlike the savage worlds spell system, you don’t spend power points to use the powers in fact you can use the powers as much as you want with no penalty which is really nice because it gets rid of a lot of un-fun point management. The powers cover all the major powers that you could want. Of course you can think of something weird that it won’t be able to do, but in my opinion it does enough to do what you would want to do with it. It covers stuff from like super strength or other stat to a power that let’s you cause electronics to malfunction. So it does get pretty broad in its power spectrum. There is also a power that lets you buy extra edges and skills.

Chapter 5:

Is about creating HQ’s for you heroes to hang out in. You can acquire it via edge or power points that you would otherwise spend on super powers. You can create a garage sized thing to a justice league style satellite in space. The HQ if enough points are invested can be very good thing for the heroes. With stuff like holding cells, labs that give a bonus to skills, training rooms, teleporters ect. In fact this system could be employed for non-supers games very well. Something like torchwood(its on the brain)  would work very well with this HQ system.

Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 is a whole smorgasbord of supervillains to use as opponents in you game. They are generally really cheesy and silver age esque which is great if you’re into that kind of thing, and if your not they are easily re-skinable to be the kind of bad-guys you want. The real boon is the stats and the immense quantity of them.There is a good 70 pages of them at about 15 pages or so per rank. There are probably around a hundred guys for you to play with, and with names like Octaopon, Uberfrau, and Striptease how can you go wrong? HOW ?I ask. There are also a few pages of henchmen/robot/giant monster’s that you can just plug in as mooks.

And that’s it. There is a small index in the back, but that’s it. If savage worlds is your thing, and super heroes is your thing and you don’t care about necessary evil which includes most of these rules(although I think a few powers are missing and the HQ rules) and the super villain gallery then this is the book for you. In fact I have used it to run a urban fantasy game similar to the dresden files and it works extremely well for that. I’m sure you could find some other uses for it as well.


I whole heartedly recommend this to any savage worlds fan who any of this sounded interesting to.  If you do decide to purchase it, you could help us out by clicking this link, and buying the book from!




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