Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Captain Falcon

What is this: Man, according to Tommy Brownell  Savage worlds does not! claim to be a universal system. But that’s fine, it just means that the people at Pinnacle are smart and know to now oversell their game. It still fits in my series because the whole point of this has always been to stretch the system and see what it can handle. I’ve decided for some reason to stat the ENTIRE original super smash bros lineup. Today since I’m going through the lineup in order its Link from The Legend of Zelda.

what's up bra?

Remember: You can use this in your savage worlds game. I’m not going to hurt you if you change this, in fact I encourage it.  Follow along with your Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.

Who is Link: Dude, your guess is as good as mine, but I suspect he’s the kind of guy that says bro a lot, and fist bumps with other f-zero racers. Also if F1 is cars, and it gets faster as you go up, shouldn’t it be like f-100 or something. Whatever its not like nintendo games make any logical sense ever anyways.

Main Stats:

Agility: d8
Spirit: d4
Strength: d8
Vigor: d8

Explanation:  I’m not going to lie. I know nothing about CF except whats in the super smash bros games, and even that is tenuous as I rarely play him.

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): 

Driving: d10
Fighting: d10
Persuasion: d6
Repair: d6

Explanation: I’m assuming the guy is pretty bad ass in terms of driving. The rest is pretty much fabricated by me. IDK if this guy ever even talks to others let alone persuade them of anything.It would certainly make a more interesting game…but you know there is not the same reverence for F-zero as their is for lets say A Link to the Past.

You were expecting the adams family?

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6

Explanation:  See below(and above!), they are derived after all…


I’m just going to assume he has some hindrance’s but I’m not going to assume anything. If he doesn’t then it just further confirms that he is a DUMB character.


Berserk: This could potentially emulate the infamous Falcon Punch(song link)
First strike


Dude, IDK. I’m going to give him a racing suit with a +1 to toughness.

The end… Captain Falcon was hard to stat only because I have no idea about what he can or can’t do.  As far as modeling him after the SMB character, I feel this is a competent job.

Rank: Novice(10 xp)

If there is a character you would like to see tackled please let me know by commenting below(its painless!).


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