Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Samus

What is this: Man, according to Tommy Brownell  Savage worlds does not! claim to be a universal system. But that’s fine, it just means that the people at Pinnacle are smart and know to now oversell their game. It still fits in my series because the whole point of this has always been to stretch the system and see what it can handle. I’ve decided for some reason to stat the ENTIRE original super smash bros lineup. Today since I’m going through the lineup in order its Samus from the Metroid series of vidja games.

Remember: You can use this in your savage worlds game. I’m not going to hurt you if you change this, in fact I encourage it.  Follow along with your Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.

Who is Link:  An intergalactic bounty hunter and peacekeeper. She’s a bad-anus and fights aliens for breakfast.

Main Stats:

 Agility: d8

Explanation: Samus is well rounded,but I made Vigor and Agility d8’s because she is very resilient, and she is a jumper. Screw attack MF’er.

I don’t really know how to relate Spirit to these video game characters. Not that video game characters don’t or can’t have spirit and personality but in the terms of a fighting game its hard to pin down. For Samus, I just left it alone.

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): 

Bet you didn't expect a lady under their did you Justin Bailey

Fighting: d6
Investigation: d6
Knowledge(aliens): d8
Notice: d4
Piloting: d6
Shooting: d12

Explanation: These are really her only skills, so it wasn’t hard to stat her this way. I did wonder about Fighting though since in her games she does very little fighting without a gun.

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6
Toughness: 8

Explanation:  See below(and above!), they are derived after all…


Enemy: Ridley, Kraid, ect. I guess Motherbrain. But let’s be honest Motherbrain is stupid!

Poverty: Maybe this could emulate her constant problem of where did I put my power suit.

He just want's to your friend


Quick Draw: Let’s her always have the weapon she needs.


Remember this is like non-upgraded Samus.
Energy Gun:I’m going to say as the M1, because it has a slow rate of fire, and it can shoot missiles with a limited capacity, we’ll say 10. These Missiles do a 2d10 damage instead of 2d8.
Power Suit: Since the power suit is not all powered up we’ll say it starts with a +2 to toughness.

The end…Samus was easy, but at the same time I didn’t scratch the surface of what Samus can do(frost beams, bombs, screw attack, ect).  Most of her power comes from her gear, so I hope I didn’t overpower her. Since that gear I completely made up on the spot.

Rank: Novice(10 xp)

If there is a character you would like to see tackled please let me know by commenting below(its painless!).


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