Oh right! I did watch Torchwood S1

Wait...these guys are torchwood?I thought, no not them the other...no ya whatever

So in my discussion about the third series of doctor who(read all about it here!) I completely forgot to mention that I watched Torchwood as well. Which happens around the time that doctor who series 3 took place. Jack guest stars in the last 3 episodes of doctor who as well.

Going in to Torchwood I had really no idea what to expect. I knew that Capn Jack was in it somehow, that it was an edgier more adult take on the doctor who universe, that it was an anagram for doctor who. That’s really it.

So I think I can say pretty firmly that the whoniverse(as some would call it) did not need a dark spin-off. Spin-off? Sure why not, but I can’t really see the doctor being in this universe.

 Their just too apart. Somehow its ok when Jack appears in who, but I have a feeling that if the Doctor appeared in Torchwood it would just feel…wrong somehow.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The pilot is actually a rather entertaining(if a bit long but well get to that) mystery as we watch Gwen(thats her to the right) try to unravel the mystery behind Torchwood after she sees them using a piece of alien tech to resurrect a dead guy to figure out who killed him.  There is some nice reveals and some things that let you know this is who related such as the reference to a chameleon circuit.

After this the show doesn’t really go anywhere. And I’m not going to lie I skipped a bunch of episodes because they did not sound entertaining for the 50 odd minutes you put into each episode. That’s another thing about the show that feels odd. The time frame is just tooo long for a show of this type. There is way too much build up for the monster of the week that just bores you before you can get to the actual catching/slaying/whatevering of the monster.

Back to how the show is all dark and edgy. It really isn’t or at least not genuinely. This show could easily be toned down to something PG and they even do it on the BBC to show to kids/teens that are fans of doctor who. Plus some of the “edgy” material is just bizarre and  laughable. The second episode features and alien who survives/kills by having sex with their victims. This is the same universe that the Daleks are a huge menace in? More to the point a lot of the stuff seems like it could fit in a doctor who episode easily, and by that token is somewhat silly and ridiculous. Again not with the tone that they were trying to hit. Oh and they say F*** occasionally, sometimes a lot, and it really feels like a cheap way to make things more dramatic to me.  The show is simply not dark enough to warrant that being a draw for people, and not fun enough in the way doctor who is.

This is due mostly to the fact that the characters dominating the shows cast are dull and cliche ridden for the most part. You have Tosh the computer geek, Gwen the new girl learning the ropes/detective, Owen…I’m not exactly sure what he does science? or maybe he just pisses of Jack…Jack the leader, and Ianto the butler…. so ya that pretty much sums up all you need to know about the characters. Later in the season they do get more complex and things rise to a point in the finale where I finally felt like the show was pulling off drama.

If you have never seen torchwood I would watch these episodes:1,3*,5*,8,12, and 13 *means that they are interesting but ultimately not vital episodes to watch.

With all that said I am still looking forward to Season 2 as I hear it is better, and if it continues getting better like it did in Season 1 then the show is bound for greatness.

When I do finish S2 you can bet that whether it was good or bad I’ll have something to say about it.


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3 responses to “Oh right! I did watch Torchwood S1”

  1. Bex says :

    Something from Torchwood, IMO, has always been missing. I stick around for the characters, SOME of the characters. Perhaps a spoiler but I think the Doctor does show up, or they all show up on Dr. Who, I can’t remember.

    I think the best of Torchwood was the Children of Earth season that was a mini-series.

    They call it “adult and dark” because they kill people off willy nilly and have very unhappy endings.

    • dwashba says :

      I just think that that’s not a good enough reason to call it adult/dark. Looking forward to Children of Earth a lot. Although I have no idea what its about.

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