My Thoughts on: Doctor Who Series 3

Before I start I have to say that their will be slight spoilers on series 3, but I’ll try to spoil as little as I can, and that there are spoilers for series 1+2. So if you have not seen them yet you might want to come back later. Remember this is not a review. I’m not telling you whether to watch it or not, I’m just telling you my thoughts. If you are not a doctor who fan and this intrigues you however I would recommend not starting with series 3. Series 1 or 5(I know it sounds odd) are the best jumping on points.

The season starts off with the Christmas special: the runaway bride. Which deals with the Doctor getting over Rose’s disappearance, and the remnants of Torchwood. It’s a fun episode guest starring Catherine Tate as Dona Noble the runaway bride from the title. Although its a bit misleading because she doesn’t actually run away, and she spends most of the episode wanting to get back to the wedding.

On to the actual series. Dona gets dropped off and we are introduced to Martha(up on the picture above) a medical student who becomes obsessed with the doctor upon their meeting in a hospital. Soon the hospital is on the moon and we get a nice adventure. Martha I have to say is my least favorite companion. She’s not terrible, but shes just not all that interesting to me.

This series is chock full of excellent episodes like The Shakespear Code, a 2 part Daleks take Manhattan episode featuring a young Andrew Garfield(the social network) and some pretty cool ideas in terms of what I had seen before with the daleks.

The Human Nature two parter is an odd series of episodes that deals with the doctor changing into a human to escape from some aliens detection. It’s a good tale, but one with too few doctor monologues in my opinion. It does remind us of how the doctor changes many lives for good or for ill when he doesn’t mean it.

Blink is another doctor lite episode following Sally Sparrow trying to unravel the mystery of this house with mysterious statues. Things go bad when her friend disappears and she gets a letter from the friend telling her that she was transported into the past. It’s regarded as one of the best Who episodes ever and rightfully so, it has scares jokes, and some of the best quotes ever. “Wibly wobly timey whimey” anyone?

The three part ender is really hard to talk about with out spoiling some of the greatness of it. So if you don’t want it spoiled stop reading now. It deals with the master, a psychopathic timelord from the Doctor’s past, and he steals the show. I’m not going to give away much more, but he is just as brilliant as the Doctor in some aspects which makes him the scariest villain the Doctor has faced to me. Wheras the Daleks are all about military might, the master uses only his timelord abilities and wits to battle the Doctor. It really is a fantastic end to the series.

All in all series three is my favorite pre-Smith era season. It’s got some fantastic episodes and the way it all comes together at the end is wonderful.


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2 responses to “My Thoughts on: Doctor Who Series 3”

  1. Bex says :

    I forgot how awesome that season is. Blink- who knew what all it was leading to. Brilliant. I would love to sit in on the writers table for DW for just one episode.
    And John SImm- the best Master ever!

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