Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Link

What is this: Man, according to Tommy Brownell  Savage worlds does not! claim to be a universal system. But that’s fine, it just means that the people at Pinnacle are smart and know to now oversell their game. It still fits in my series because the whole point of this has always been to stretch the system and see what it can handle. I’ve decided for some reason to stat the ENTIRE original super smash bros lineup. Today since I’m going through the lineup in order its Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Remember: You can use this in your savage worlds game. I’m not going to hurt you if you change this, in fact I encourage it.  Follow along with your Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.

Who is Link:  A boy who grew up to be the hero of hyrule. I’m specifically using the Ocarina of Time Link, but they are all pretty similar so its up to you.

Main Stats:

 Agility: d10

Explanation: Link is pretty well rounded, but since Fighting is an Agility skill I focused him on that.

I don’t really know how to relate Spirit to these video game characters. Not that video game characters don’t or can’t have spirit and personality but in the terms of a fighting game its hard to pin down. For Link I was ruling that Spirit be his magic attribute instead of smarts. It fits the character more since magic in TLoZ was never about memorizing(except the ocarina) or smarts.

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): 

climbing: d4
Fighting: d12
Notice: d4
Throwing: d6

Explanation: So I consider these the essential Link skills. Whether they are powerful enough is a different matter, because I am trying to keep all the SSB characters and 10xp.

Did I mention he has a horse

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6

Explanation:  See below(and above!), they are derived after all…




Enemy: Ganon, Ganondorf or any variation on that name
Heroic: He’s always saving zelda or the fish ladies if you know what I mean.

I honestly could not think of a third hindrance for Link. He just doesn’t have a lot of faults.


Arcane Background(magic): For magic arrows, and sword spin and crap.

Trade Mark Weapon(Master Sword)
Bolt: trapping fire arrows/light arrows ect.
Smite:for the master sword.
Burst: with a fire trapping.


Master Sword: As long sword
Bow: As long bow
Boomarang: as throwing axe, but returns when thrown

The end… Link was somewhat difficult to do only because he does so much. I had to narrow his skill set down quite a bit to make him work in the 10xp framework. But he still turned out recognizably as Link. Next up is Samus from the metroid series!

Rank: Novice(10 xp)

If there is a character you would like to see tackled please let me know by commenting below(its painless!).


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