Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Mario and Luigi

What is this:  Savage worlds claims to be a universal system. Usable for everything.  With this series I plan to look to see if this is the case, and look at some of my favorite characters. I’ve decided for some reason to stat the ENTIRE original super smash bros lineup. Today since I’m going through the lineup in order is Luigi/Mario. Thats right I’m pairing them up since there is almost no discernible difference.

Remember: You can use this in your savage worlds game. I’m not going to hurt you if you change this, in fact I encourage it.  Follow along with your Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.

Who are Mario and Luigi:  A plumber who fights little mushroom people and turtle people. He does this to save his beloved Princess Peach.  Oh and Luigi’s there too…sometimes.

Main Stats:

 Agility: d10

Explanation: Mario’s defining feature is jumping so I figured a d10 in Agility would do the trick.

I don’t really know how to relate Spirit to these video game characters. Not that video game characters don’t or can’t have spirit and personality but in the terms of a fighting game its hard to pin down. I’ll include it when it fits the character but I think I’ll mostly leave it alone.

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): 

climbing: d6

Explanation: So I threw in some of Mario(and therefor Luigi) ‘s secondary skills like climbing and swimming. I put throwing because of his awesome spin throw.

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6
Parry: 7

Toughness: 4

Charisma: 0

Explanation:  See below(and above!), they are derived after all…


Greedy(minor): Ok the guy counts how many lives he has by how many gold coins he collects. Now if that’s not greed I don’t know what is.
Loyal(minor): No matter how many times Peach gets kidnapped he goes after her. Guys kind of obsessed.
Enemy(Major): Bowser yo.


Acrobat: He jumps. Nuff said.
Sweep: He has a move in the games that allows him to hit everyone around him. At least I think.

Why is he skateboarding?


Fireflower: use bow stats
Steel tipped boots: works as long sword. And YES I know that he probably doesn’t have steel tipped boots but in my mind he does so deal.

The end… I was surprised that Mario is so low powered. It’s fine but I realized halfway through making him that there really isn’t a lot going on with Mario so it makes sense that he doesn’t have a lot of edges or anything. Stay tuned for Donkey Kong next.

Rank: Novice(10 xp)

If there is a character you would like to see tackled please let me know by commenting below(its painless!).


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3 responses to “Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Mario and Luigi”

  1. Tommy Brownell says :

    Small thing: Pinnacle has never said it was universal, and the folks at Pinnacle firmly believe that it’s not necessarily the best choice for *everything*.

    • dwashba says :

      Interesting. I did not know that. I guess I figured since a lot of gaming systems claim to be *universal* , but hey why not try and stress the system? Mario did not turn out terrible in my eyes. With him having his own RPG games like paper mario and mario and luigi: (insert title here) and him moving into the polygonal world he’s done a fair bit more fighting then jumping.

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