Review: A Flipping Good Time


A Flipping Good Time is a digipen softmore project that you can download for free on their website , and most of the time it is a flipping good time to play.

Here we are upside down for the first time

The gameplay in A Flipping Good Time is reminiscent of VVVVV where you could hit a button to reverse the gravity on yourself. However AFGT is takes this concept further and plays with it in some fun ways. In the game you don’t actually control how when you flip. There are a number of triggers in the game world that when you hit them send you flying in the reverse direction. There are pads, floating orbs that only go one direction, and their are beams. Most of the gameplay revolves around you hitting these triggers and using your new position to platform around the level and reach the end/collect diamonds. Some of the gravity platforming can get a little crazy with you not touching the ground for a good minute. The game designers smartly placed little yellow collectibles as a sort of a guide to let you know what you should be doing at all times.


There's a screen in this level where I didn't even touch the controller.


All the gravity tricks and the pathway of collectibles can sometimes make it feel like the game is playing itself sometimes. This is even more of a problem in the few mine cart levels that are like the ones in Donkey Kong Country if you are familiar. Sometimes in these levels all you have to do is hold in the direction you want to go. This wouldn’t be a huge problem but the game will then unexpectedness require you to control the cart with some finesse and skill. This leads

You'll get capes that let you jump farther than normal

to a lot of dying and frustration. There are checkpoints and the loads are really fast, but its still a pain to have to play through an easy part again and again to get past the hard part.


There are 7 main levels and 7 challenge levels that you have to unlock

The visuals are nice, and are more than I would expect from a free student game. They are pretty limited though, the whole game looks roughly the same. The audio is good enough with basic sound effects and some pretty rocking 8-bit beats, just don’t expect much variation between levels.

The games some good fun for an afternoon it won’t keep you coming back for very long, but its free and I’m sure the students would love it if you played it. It’s a solid effort and is certainly better than some games I see for sale so go ahead and download it and just see what you think.


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