I just want to be friends: A World of Warcraft Story Part II

Welcome to the second part of our World of Warcraft story. If you missed the first part don’t be a sourpuss go read it.

So upon creating our characters we were thrust out into the cold server space known as Azeroth.

Safiurr heard a man in her head monologuing about the state of the tribes, and that Cairne Bloodhoof was dead and that his son had taken over leadership.

“WHAT!”said Devin nearly spitting out his drink. You see as Devin would later explain to Tim Cairne one of his favorite characters in one of his favorite games, Warcraft 3. This put Devin in a bad mood, but he was willing to hear WoW out.

   After the narration Safiurr found herself standing around a smokey campfire in midday looking at a Tauren.  Now this Tauren had a giant yellow ! over his head.  Now Devin knows that this is pretty standard for MMO’s ,but he does wonder if Safiurr sees the ! as well. That would be weird.

Anywho Safiurr was tasked with killing a whole bunch of boar thingies. Apparently the Tauren land was being invaded by quillboars…please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway she finished that and after talking to a bunch of people she was on to the next village. After killing a bunch of wolves she drank some water and became a spirit bird soaring over the plains so high. I suspect some “herbalism” was used on that drink.  She landed in a new village where she had to chase some level 40 guys dog. Seriously you couldn’t do it yourself guy?

She finished that, killed some cougars and gained the ability to turn into a cat.  That’s right, and pretty soon, she’ll get to be a bear too. How awesome is that? She spent a while talking to people in cat form and running around in pure delight.

The only downside of being in cat form is that I don't keep my cape!

Then she drank a second “vision water”, and this time instead of becoming a spirit dog, she became a spirit dog. She found herself outside Thunder bluff the home of the Tauren. It’s basically a wooden village on top of huge rock. Oh and the only way up is through these huge elevators that don’t stop for any person(or cat apparently).

After this she went around blessing wells, killing spirit wolves, and fighting evil Tauren. This took Safiurr up to level 10 at which point she had to choose a path to go down. She could choose between Balance, Feral, and Restoration. Now, let’s be Frank here, Restoration is all healing. Healing is for losers, and who want’s to be balanced? Safiurr loves being a cat, so of course she went with Feral. Oh ya! NEVER NOT BE A CAT is my motto.  Now I learned that my adventure was just beginning and that I had many a quest to complete in the city of Ogrimmar which I remember being constructed in the Frozen Throne Bonus Campaign(Look at me throwing around knowledge).

BTW this is how I get around

Safiurr has tried to meet up with Pedrofiliac, but as fate would have it, the goblin zeplins do not fly to Undercity which his the closest port city to where the elf lives. Speaking of Pedrofiliac, you’ll read about his story in the next part of I just want to be friends.


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