Your New Nice Outfit

Hello, just wanted to share some awesome geeky artwork done by Phil Noto on . He is on a Buffy kick today it would seem as he has added two more Buffy portraits since I last checked.

Here’s a wonderful Supergirl, but I’m going to stop talking because the art speaks for itself.


” I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

Here’s Batman and Robbin from The Dark Knight Returns if you don’t know. Yes, Robbin is a girl.

“oh, yeah? You and what army?”

COMIC-CON!!!  So folks, I’m going to be at the San Diego Comic-Con in a few days.I’ll be at Booth #4601 along with J Scott Campbell, Art Adams, Skottie Young, Amanda Conner, Michael Golden and Bruce Timm. I’ll be doing head sketches, grey marker sketches and watercolor/gouache paintings. I’m also bringing along some acrylic paintings based on some of my digital blog art. (like this WW piece) They’ll be available for sale on Wed. Night. Anything that doesn’t sell after Thursday, I’ll post online. Come on by and say “hi” :)

The 11th Doctor- I grew up with the Tom Baker Doctor in the 70’s and have just recently gotten back into Doctor Who and I’m enjoying it very much. While I was watching the latest ep. I did a quick doodle of the good Doctor and while it’s a much more cartoon-y style than I usually use , I added a quick Amy and a TARDIS and here ya have it. I definitely want to do a more straight up version soon :)
Oh, and Rory (not pictured) has probably been captured or killed or something. 

“Chewie, set your phaser to stun!”

And here’s all his new Buffy portraits, beautiful

“Buffy” - Let me just say that I love working in the Whedonverse :)




There’s a lot more so go explore his whole collection


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One response to “Your New Nice Outfit”

  1. Rebecca Narkiewicz says :

    I’ve never really liked comic book Willow. I can’t pinpoint why but I just don’t think any artists have done Hannigan justice. The others are exceptional, however.

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