Come on!Let’s Play Earthbound

Join me and Tim on an Adventure like you have never seen before as we stumble our way through the 1995 Super Nintendo classic Earthbound. Unless of course you have played Earthbound. But even then we hope you’ll enjoy our series of videos, chronicling our time with the game.

Enjoy our witty commentary, and the games wacky sense of humor as well(ex:you fight hippies, and there’s a bee from the future named Buzz Buzz).

recognize this guy?

The first couple of videos will be a little wonky, because we were still figuring out how to make the recording process go smooth. Check the site later in the week or follow me on twitter for the first episode in what is sure to be a series of epic proportions(trust me I know my proportions).


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About Devin

Devin, the mastermind behind most things on here on the website has almost no free time! He spends what little time he isn’t studying, recording podcasts, editing videos or writing articles for this site, on watching TV, playing video games, reading books and being a general nerd. Devin loves table-top roleplaying games, non-laugh track comedies, dark fantasy, science fiction, roleplaying, and puzzle video games, and really anything else you see on

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