Bionicles Wrap up

I’d like to use an old adage, which is, everything good turns to crap.

Let’s be honest here bionicles had potential to work, but they f’d it up.

They started with a very basic story of 6 dudes with different elements granted power to defeat some big evil dude. That’s it that’s the whole story, but as far as I know they never dropped that story. The only thing they dropped were the heroes because well a new cycle started and lego needed to make MORE money. I’m certainly not blaming lego for wanting to turn a profit, but they could have done better with the brand.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, the toa nuva are when everything started to go bad even though we didn’t really know it yet. You can hear me bitch about here. Once they figured out they could just put out the same toy over and over again each year with a slight difference and a new gimmick that’s all they did. They even did it with the bad guys a few times.

can you tell me which came first?

However they did do good with the metru guys. That is except for their dumb disc shooter gimmick.
After that I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Ok so crap happened then they mutated, and then something with spiders and then we got new guys cause IDK I guess its time. Then we got the most god awful bad guys in the piraka.

GOD just look at that! So dumb and guess what their gimmick was. LIGHT UP EYES.
Here’s how I imagine they came around:
LEGO GUY: Hey kid whats cool in toys?
Kid: IDK
LEGO GUY: Awww, come on kid. I’ll give you a bionicle if you tell me, but only one of the small ones I don’t want you getting spoiled.
Kid: Well I guess stuff that glows in the dark is cool…I mean a little bit.
LEGO GUY: YA! You’re a genius kid, here’s your shit toy.
Kid: (leaves in a hurry)
LEGO GUY: Wait crap…what part should glow. Wait I know whats scary. MY EYES. I’ll make these new guys have my face and my eyes. Then make um glow…(gets on phone) Bill, you can let the munchkins go, I have it.
Ok so obviously I’m joking, but they had honestly run out of ideas at this point. I mean they gave these guys little ball shooters that worked exactly like the disk shooters. And don’t even get me started on the spinners…gahgg they were so stupid.
That’s when I stopped getting bionicles, and stopped getting the lego magazine so my knowledge of what happened after that point is limited. But…I’ll give it a shot.
There were a couple of more iterations in which the story(maybe) wrapped up, and I mean wrapped up in a loose sense because I’m sure the lego CEO would be happy to have bionicle return.
So bionicle ended in 2009 but as I understand it the same division of lego started up what they call HERO’S. In which there are 6 dudes of different elements that are fighting some big evil dude…so ya its pretty much universally accepted that they are just a continuation of the bionicle line.
And thats it as far as history. What did I learn though? Well I learned that I really don’t want to take this apart and put it back together. I remembered why I was into those in the first place, and why I subsequently gave up on them. Some of it was just me growing up, actually a lot of it was probably me just growing out of it, but there was a definite wain in quality when I stopped buying them, or rather asking for them on christmas.
A big factor in bionicle, just like other lego products, was that you could build your own crap. Which is what I remember having the most fun with. I would build my own people and think of the huge epic story line they would go on. Cause that’s the kind of kid I was. I seem to remember one of the little people being the protagonist, so I guess even then I had it in my head that little people were getting the shaft from lego. Damn lego guy!
Anyway its been fun for me and I hope you had fun watching as little or as much of those videos as you wanted.

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