Top 10 Things I Learned From Joss Whedon’s Comic-Con Panel

If you don’t have time to listen to this guy yammer for 50 minutes(but you can below) but you still want to get a gist of what was said at the panel, then read on to the top 10 things I learned from Joss Whedon’s comic-con panel.

1. Doctor Horrible #2 is coming soon

What does that mean? I don’t really know but its exciting.  I have to imagine it deals with the problems of being accepted into the evil league of evil because lets face it, Billy doesn’t belong there.


2. Joss doesn’t regret anything

Nope, he doesn’t regret killing all of your favorite characters, and doesn’t hate any previous works because he knows that he put all that he had into them.  He does see how he could have improved things in hindsight, but he doesn’t dwell on the past.

3. The Cabin In the Woods is coming out

April 13, 2012. Should be interesting, but I don’t really have any expectations for it. Also this is going to be crushed by his other movie, you might have heard of it, The Avengers which comes out like 2 weeks later.

4. Directing the Avengers isn’t that different than a TV show

In that its tiring , constantly behind schedule, and the large cast.  He does mention that its really fun, and that the cast is a much better team then the avengers!




5. Buffy on Broadway is a possibility

Don’t get your hopes up people. It probably won’t ever happen, but he said he would like to do it someday.

How could they say no to that face?




6. Although Ripper hasn’t happened there will be a “whiff” of it in Angel and Faith.

If you don’t know Ripper is a show Joss has tried to get onto the air for many years dealing with Giles’ past. He is still trying to get it off the ground, but until then we have to take what we can get. In this case its Angel and Faith living in Giles’ house.

Parker anyone?


7.It’s time for a gay guy.

” You write enough lesbians and people start to realize, this is just a guy. This isn’t feminist, no this is cinemax…Besides who doesn’t love cock.”
I think that sums it up nicely. Although he did say that this character wasn’t being looked at right now.

8. Dollhouse comics are coming

The comics have to do well though, so go out and grab um. Though I shouldn’t talk, since I haven’t seen season 2 yet…





9. No more super-hero comics for a while at least

As you’ll recall that Joss wrote a 24 issue run on the Astonishing X-men, but he doesn’t think that this will happen again anytime soon especially after The Avengers. He has been asked to do spider-man, but didn’t want to because it would have been hard to be original.

10. I might like Buffy Season 9

If you read my Angel Comics reviews, then you might get the idea that I didn’t like season 8 all that much. It had its moments(giant Dawn anyone?), but hearing Joss talk about season 9 gets me exited. It’s supposed to go back to the roots of Buffy which is more about the journey of this girl with a big responsibility, then big monsters. So hopefully I can enjoy season 9. Angel is now under Dark Horse as well, which means as Joss eluded to, that Angel characters will finally be able to cross over with Buffy. Can’t wait for Conner to get all close to Buffy and watching Angel freak out.

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