Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Jack Shephard(LOST)

What is this:  Savage worlds claims to be a universal system. Usable for everything.  With this series I plan to look to see if this is the case, and look at some of my favorite characters. Today I’m going to look at Jack from the TV series LOST.  This is of course in commemoration of  Tim making it through to the end of LOST this week. He’s not there yet, but he only has a few episodes to go. 

Remember: You can use this in your savage worlds game. I’m not going to hurt you if you change this, in fact I encourage it.  Follow along with your Savage Worlds Explorers Edition.

Who is Jack Shephard:  An american surgeon, who like the rest of the cast was stranded on the island. Jack was a natural leader on the island after the crash. He is always rational, and doesn’t believe anything thats not proven to him.

Main Stats:

        Agility: d4
        Smarts: d10
        Spirit: d8
       Strength: d4
       Vigor: d6

Explanation: Jack is pretty well rounded when you look at him. His obvious strength lies in his knowledge and ingenuity, but he is a survivor as well. He doesn’t give up, and he can take a beating.

Skills(I’m only writing down trained skills): 

Fighting: d6

Explanation: I think this represents Jack pretty well. By the end of the series I think that Jack had gotten in enough brawls to be competent. I figure Jack has a better healing skill than his knowledge of medicine, because he learned to heal with only stuff on the island, and because medicine is a huge subject.

Derived Stats: 

Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5





Doubting Thomas (Minor): Jack doesn’t believe the more fantastic things about the island until late in the series.
Overconfident(Major): This goes together with stubborn. He always thinks his plans are the best option, and gets really pissed when others(Locke) disagree, or he gets proven wrong.


Command:  This is a prerequisite for Natural Leader.
Natural Leader: Again, he is a natural leader who can inspire his followers.


Jack doesn’t really have any permanent gear. Sometimes he might have a pistol or some medical supplies but on the whole he doesn’t have gear.

The end… I wasn’t really expecting this to be a hard character to make. He’s just a normal guy. That’s not to say that LOST isn’t a high action show, but there is not a huge number of gun fights, or big action scenes so playing a LOST game would be interesting. It would be a lot of serious roleplaying, with almost all benies thrown at persuasion rolls and the like I imagine. I would love to play a LOSTien game, and savage worlds seems like as good a system for it as any.

Rank: Seasoned(35xp)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a LOST style roleplaying campaign.

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6 responses to “Putting the Savage(Worlds) in our Heroes: Jack Shephard(LOST)”

  1. Reanimated Gaming says :

    I love it! I think that the setting and suspense from LOST would make for a great RPG setting. I imagine there’d be some tinkering to do with the plot but the general themes would survive and flourish.

    • dwashba says :

      Ya, I was thinking more of a LOST feel, more than the specific setting. Lots of mystery and suspense and the terrible but inevitable betrayal. I think you’d have to have a really mature group to pull it off, because there’s a lot of secrets and rivalry in LOST. And I wonder how flashbacks could be worked in since that’s a large part of what makes LOST, LOST. Thanks for the comment.

      • Tommy Brownell says :

        Dramatic Interludes are where I would start with the Flashbacks (if I didn’t just use them whole cloth).

        Good stuff, though. Before I got WAY too sidetracked by work and stuff, I was going to write up the 14 original main cast as loose archetypes for War of the Dead.

        • dwashba says :

          That would have been cool, and ya flashbacks would be hard. But I might use them as a way of the players being able to kind of build there characters on the fly. Like the player declaring that he is a stunt driver and therefor has a good driving skill, then we would play out a flashback. The only problem would be that it focuses on one player for a while.

  2. bex says :

    So how long DID it take Tim to watch season 3 on?

    • dwashba says :

      The full week. He was like 4 episodes or so in to season 3 when he started the week, because he had found a cheap dvd. From what I understand it was the only thing he really did all week.

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