Devin’s Summer Songs

So here’s my list.  Its nothing special.  I’m not super indie like Tim, so don’t expect to be blown away with stuff you have never heard of. Although if you haven’t heard of some of these, that’s ok. I really didn’t know a lot of these before I made this list.  I would love to hear your Summer Song list as well.

Artificial Heart – Jonathon Coulton

I am geeking out for this album. The only song I have heard on it is the new recording of “Still Alive”. I have been refraining from listening to the live songs on youtube because of the terrible quality. I want the first time I hear these songs to be awesome. Coulton does Folk music with geeky trappings. This promises to be a wonderful time. And no that is not the album art in the left if you were wondering.

Someday EP – Rob Thomas

I just learned that there is an extended play to an awesome album. Cool.



Matchbox Twenty’s new album – Matchbox Twenty

Rob Thomas and those dudes said that there album was coming out this year. So I have no idea what the title is, but its going to be awesome if the last 4 albums are any indication. If you don’t know they are the “push” and “unwell” people.

Supernatural – Santana

I don’t know. I think I’m just in the mood for some electric guitar. Rob Thomas has his feat in this(eh see what I did there?). Anyway it won some Grammys so…ya.

Guitar Heaven – Santana

Same here. This is all covers of classic rock, and I like what I have heard from it so far. They picked some really great songs too. “Whole lotta love”, “Sunshine of your love”,  and “Smoke on the Water” to name a few.

Out of Vein and Ursa Major – Third Eye Blind
I have always like the singles of TEB like “Semi-charmed Kinda Life” and “Never Let You Go”. The rest of their albums are hit and miss, but I’m still looking forward to what there more recent albums have to offer.

Alpocolypse – Weird Al
Do I even have to explain this? Oh, ok. Weird Al is awesome.
What? You want more? Ok well this has all of the songs from his digital EP thing and it has a Lady Gaga song, that is  making fun of her. By the time this post is up, it will be out. So go listen to it!

Banned the Math – Math the Band
Well Tim has been barking at me to listen to it. So ganna have to do that. He gave it a glowing review. Check the review to know what its all about.

Gordon – Barenaked Ladies
I have no good reason for not having listened to this. I have heard about a third of the songs on hear from concert albums, so there will not be much new for me. Yet I’m excited because maybe it can get the bad taste of the last BNL album out of my mouth.

The Best of Blur – Blur
I have this album. It is on my hard drive as my Itunes updates(TMI?), so I am going to have to carve out some time for this. And it has song 2. And that is awesome.


The Princess Bride – Mark Knopfler
I like a good soundtrack to listen to while I write, and this was recommended. I haven’t watched the movie in a while. Hmmm, might have to do that.


Hybrid Theory + Meteora – Linkin Park
Linkin Park’s music is just soft enough, that I can enjoy it, and just weird enough that I can think about why it works. Its just Rock mashed with Rap. And that’s weird to me.

Recovery – Eminem

I never thought I would say I kinda like rap. But there I said it. Now there is a lot of rap I hate, with a passion. But hey I am willing to try this crap out.

Break the Cycle – Staind
I really like the vocals of Staind, and the alternative metal feel. I’m not into real heavy metal, with full guitar, and loud drums and what-not, but I like stuff like this.

So there’s my list. Don’t expect reviews of any of these, as I am would not know what the hell I was talking about. However I might chime in later in the summer to wrap up my feelings for each album. Also as I listen to them I will probably chime in on Twitter. So if you’re interested follow me!( On the right column )

And if you have any suggestions of what to listen to I would love to hear it.


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6 responses to “Devin’s Summer Songs”

  1. MadMikeyD says :

    New Al is always great. Sawyer Brown is my favorite band. They (finally) have a new single out – Smokin’ Hot Wife – and hopefully the new album isn’t far behind.

  2. Bex says :

    Summer means busting out the Kaiser Cartel, She and Him, The Clash, Harlem Shakes and Crowded House.

    • dwashba says :

      Hmmm never heard of any of those. What kind of music is it?

      • Bex says :

        Kaiser Cartel- sorta folks- they have ukeleles sometimes- it’s happy music. She and Him- the she is actress Zoe Deschanel and it’s like a mash up of standards, old country, and 1950’s pop. The Clash is a mix of punk, reggae, dub, ska and they are just important to musical history, Harlem Shakes is kind of feel good pop from New York, and Crowded House is a band that’s been around since the 80’s from New Zealand and they are low key rock, no ripping guitar solos or anything.

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