REVIEW: Fables Vol.4 (2010)

AngelHC7.jpgIf you couldn’t tell, I really like Fables. In fact, I love Mr. Willingham’s work in general. This volume is no different. It is the biggest, most epic Fables story line yet.

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers

Writer:  Bill Willingham
Pencillers: Mark Buckingham, Craig Hamilton, P. Craig Russell
Inkers: Steve Leialoha, P. Craig Russell, Mark Buckingham
Colorist:Daniel Vozzo, Lovern Kindzierski
Editor: Shelly Bond
Price: $17.99

Previously on Fables:  Well lets see, Snow White is pregnant, Blue beard was killed by Prince Charming, the very same prince is running for mayor.  Plus lots more.

What is Up: This book is the biggest Fables trade yet, collecting issues 19-21, and 23-27, and the one shot:The Last Castle. Issue 22 is a one off issue that was not included for pacing purposes I guess.

The Last Castle is a 52 page one shot that sets up the rest of the book. It is set before all the fables were in the mundie world. It is the story of Boy Blue, and Red Riding Hood’s love that was not meant to be. The fables are trying to get as many of their kind out to the mundie world before the Adversary enslaves them all.  There’s a big battle and a lot of people die. This story didn’t pull me in like other Fables story’s due, but its vital for setting up the rest of the book.

The whole rest of the book, 7 issues, is the March of the Wooden Soldiers.  Red Riding Hood shows up from no where and says that she escaped on her own from the fable’s home land.  This is of course traumatic for Boy Blue. Who thought she was dead. Bigby is suspicious of her, and leaves town to investigate.

Three mysterious men in black show up and beat up Jack, because they want to get his magic beans. Even though it is clear(maybe not to them) that he doesn’t have any.

Things keep escalating to a really good climax. You’ll learn what Red’s deal is, and who these men in black are. Pinochio has a good build up in this arc, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Which was disappointing.

Bottom Line:  The book is is 17.99 which for about 250 pages of comic, is really good. The art is good, but not as good as the first two trades.  If you have enjoyed the previous Fables books, or the idea of mythic characters in the modern world with a spin on them sounds cool to you; you’ll enjoy this series.


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3 responses to “REVIEW: Fables Vol.4 (2010)”

  1. Bex says :

    I love Fables. I haven’t had a chance to read them all but I’m always astounded and entertained. I think Cinderella’s story has been my favorite so far.

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